Flashback 2008 Bloomington – You have to see this

By:  Diane Benjamin We know why Stan Nord is being attacked in Normal – anyone actually representing citizens always has been. January 24, 2008 Pantagraph Headline: Officials not allowing city workers to talk with council members https://www.pantagraph.com/news/officials-not-allowing-city-workers-to-talk-with-council-members/article_f4228b0d-8f16-5899-b640-0ef103ab4ba3.html The first line: Since I know you can read, click the link and see the rest for yourself.   […]

Pantagraph wrong again, but nothing new

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph thanked Alderman Diana Hauman for serving and for publicly stating she is not running for reelection to the Bloomington City Council because she was not able to develop a cohesive Council. When Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower were members, the Council was very cohesive.  Everything they said was ignored. The […]

Is Tari lying?

By:  Diane Benjamin Before the vote to neuter Tari’s agenda privileges, he gave a little speech.  He claimed an Alderwoman came to him 30 days after he was first elected with a list of over 100 items she wanted him to put on the agenda.  He claims that person has NEVER voted for a City budget.  […]

The Tari attack video

By:  Diane Benjamin The 2014 video of Tari Renner attacking Judy Stearns during a Council meeting because of cuts she proposed now has been viewed over 15,000 times.  13,000 of them have come in the last few months.  I have no idea why! A viewer left a comment last night that perfectly summed it up: […]

WGLT finally sees the light?

By:  Diane Benjamin See this recent WGLT story:  http://wglt.org/post/new-documents-link-vague-coliseum-contract-criminal-charges The former Coliseum management could get greatly reduced sentences because the documents WGLT presented prove the City didn’t care – as in David Hales didn’t care.  Hales was paid huge bucks to manage the City, he failed.  I really hope he is called as a witness to […]

Bloomington Council Festivities

By:  Diane Benjamin More than one story will be needed to cover the meetings.  First some unusual items:  Karen Schmidt motioned at the beginning of the meeting to take hiring the development manager for the BCPA off the agenda and move it to a Committee of the Whole meeting or Work Session. Alderman Bray pulled […]

Renner attack flashback

By:  Diane Benjamin The video below is from 2014.  I have NO idea why it has gotten close to 8000 views in the last month.  Maybe Tari will be the next internet sensation. This is the video of him attacking Judy Stearns for doing the unforgivable – proposing cuts.  His speech prior to the attack […]

Flashback: 3/29/2014 Tari Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember when Tari Renner verbally attacked Judy Stearns at a City Council meeting? What the citizens of Bloomington need to hear again are Tari’s pre-attack comments. He claims local politics is not about ideology and philosophy.    Local government is about “Protecting citizens and delivering services to them at a reasonable cost”. […]

Judy Stearns on WJBC

By:  Diane Benjamin I know some of you have seen this story on Facebook, but I kept running into people this weekend that didn’t.  That means I HAVE to print it. Here’s the back story according to Judy Stearns: Tari Renner was on WJBC this week.  Scott Laughlin asked him about Judy’s appearance Monday night […]

UPDATE: Why does media let Tari LIE?

WJBC posted the podcast:  https://audioboom.com/posts/6384179-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-10-11-17 I forgot to mention he thinks the local acrimony is a bigger story than CIAM! He also claims he did everything possible to get information from CIAM AND he decided not to renew the contract.  Funny Tari – I remember you were shocked they pulled out of the negotiations.  I was […]

Will someone tell the Newspaper?

Guest Editorial Hey Pravdagraph, News flash!  Skip Crawford and Mike Matejka have been off the Council for more than a decade!  The people voted them off after multiple terms because they were the ultimate insiders voting for a union agenda (Matejka, union official) and Crawford (pretend Republican) who loved dem Karen Schmidt (see campaign letter) […]

Coliseum: Smoking Gun

By:  Diane Benjamin Official Misconduct? Flash back to April 14, 2014 The meeting minutes provide a little information, the video below provides much more.  Minutes 4/14/14 Alderwoman Judy Stearns knew concessions were not audited at the Coliseum.  She knew other problems existed and she wanted answers.  Changing hockey from professional to junior was the perfect time […]

The CLUELESS are ruling!

By:  Diane Benjamin Attn:  Council If your information on ANY topic, especially the Coliseum, is from David Hales or Tari Renner you are getting “Fake News”. Jamie Mathy is quoted in today’s paper saying the Management Agreement with CIAM “literally forbid the city from having access to the raw numbers”.  SOURCE Jamie, why did the City […]

More on “Councils Don’t Listen”

By:  Diane Benjamin See this story from yesterday:  Why City Councils Don’t Listen After writing more than 4000 stories, I had forgotten I wrote about the Julie Crowe case when she won the lawsuit:  Julie Crowe Defeats the City of Bloomington That story contains a link to the original Council vote denying her the Vehicle-For-Hire […]

Question Tari’s character!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner LIED to me the first time I met him.  I knew he had been a speaker at “Camp Obama” in Normal, so I asked him about it.  He told me he was asked to tell the attendees what happens during the Iowa Caucuses.  Considering contrary information was on-line, I knew […]

UPDATE: Despicable WJBC

I found this while looking for something else and just had to add it:   By:  Diane Benjamin Why a “legitimate” news agency would follow the loathsome people behind “Citizens Deserve better Than Kevin Lower” is beyond comprehension.  These are the same people who accused the Bloomington police of harassing them at a local park […]

Pravdagraph propaganda

By:  Diane Benjamin CLEAN audits mean nothing! Dixon Illinois got taken for $50,000,000 with CLEAN audits.  Forensic Audits find fraud, regular yearly audits only mean the numbers are in the right columns. Thanks Pantagraph for printing what you were told. Why were the Bloomington financial statements released REALLY late?  Tonight the Council will hear information […]

Remember when Judy Stearns walked out . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin It was way back in November of 2013 when Judy Stearns walked out of what she called an illegal Executive Session (Secret Meeting). She filed a Request for Review with Lisa Madigan’s Public Access office – they didn’t bother doing much with the filing until Judy was long out of office.  She […]

Know those people you elected?

By:  Diane Benjamin We are supposedly a Representative Republic where people are elected to represent us in government. If you’ve ever watched a Bloomington City Council meeting, it doesn’t take long to realize only 1 guy on the Council represents citizens.  Of course, Kevin Lower. The rest are there to represent the City to the […]

Bombshell followup: Revisit April 14, 2014

By:  Diane Benjamin April 14, 2014 was the Council meeting where CIAM’s management agreement was changed to allow Junior Hockey instead of Professional Hockey.  The badly worded contract could have been scrapped and renegotiated, the City choose not to. I realize most readers NEVER watch the video’s I post.  You prefer reading what was said, […]

It’s always the cover up (James & Renner)

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Mike James of Downs has a lot in common with Bloomington’s Mayor, Tari Renner. Both had a chance to not have situations explodes, but both chose to pretend nothing happened. Mary Goveia set up a meeting with James to discuss Adkissons liquor problems, he never showed.  He must have thought Mary […]

Start at the beginning: Tari & Judy

By:  Diane Benjamin The Executive Session that Judy Stearns walked out of was held during a RETREAT held 11/15/2013 and 11/16/2013.  Tari had been Mayor since May 1st. The retreat was held at the Den at Fox Creek – so NO video exists because the retreat room isn’t equipped for live stream. On the 15th, […]

Stearns response to Renner – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I posted the 2nd email Tari Renner sent to Judy Stearns, but I didn’t post Judy’s response.  See this post:  https://blnnews.com/2016/07/13/renner-emails-judy-again/ The original email exchange started here:  https://blnnews.com/2016/07/13/renner-hauman-running-scared/ As a review, here is Tari’s 2nd email: Here is Judy’s response: The next Council meeting could get interesting! Maybe Tari can explain […]

Renner & Hauman running scared!

This story has two updates: https://blnnews.com/2016/07/13/renner-emails-judy-again/ https://blnnews.com/2016/07/14/stearns-response-to-renner-part-2/   By:  Diane Benjamin After Judy Stearns reamed out most of the Council Monday night, Alderman Hauman and Mayor Renner had to attack her via email. Note:  When Judy was on the Council she refused to give me emails under some belief that she shouldn’t.  Now she’s free […]

Bloomington: Contempt for Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin My next lawsuit is going to be for the AUDIO of the Executive Session where the Attorney General ruled the Open Meetings Act was violated.  I will demand the judge listen to the entire audio to insure the City doesn’t redact items that shouldn’t be redacted. Why? Stay with me: See the […]

Mayor – Judy Stearns face off again

By:  Diane Benjamin Former Alderwoman Judy Stearns spoke during public comment last night.  Mayor Renner broke HIS own rules and responded to her comments.  Since he responded, so do she, at which time he called her out-of-order. Stearns was there to talk about the majority of the Council not representing the citizens of Bloomington.  She […]

Pantagraph actually reports – sort of

By:  Diane Benjamin Today’s edition has a story on the Attorney General’s ruling about the Bloomington City Council violating the Open Meetings Act:   http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/ill-ag-city-council-violated-open-meetings-law/article_5dfb7bef-4515-52af-96a9-e8fb37c8abb0.html See this story  from June 4th:  https://blnnews.com/2016/06/04/renner-is-guilty/ Of course the paper’s version contains errors.  The AG ruled the “verbatim recording” must be released in addition to the closed session minutes […]

Madigan too busy

By:  Diane Benjamin Some points of law are never settled because government refused to act.  Lisa Madigan’s Public Access office is doing just that. Remember many years ago when Judy Stearns filed a complaint against Tari Renner for violating the Open Meetings Act?  It was right after he got elected.  He decided winning an election […]

Bah humbug – No Bloomington Christmas

By:  Diane Benjamin From last year – 11/24/2014 Council meeting:     From the 12/6/2-14 Council meeting:     This year Christmas didn’t happen at City Hall, at least in public.  There was no tree lighting ceremony.  Maybe the only reason it happened last year was Alderman Stearns insisted, Alderman Schmidt didn’t care to continue […]

ECW, Stearns: the video

By:  Diane Benjamin This is the video of Kirk Allen, John Kraft, and Judy Stearns speaking at the 5:30 meeting yesterday that was not live streamed.  Kirk and John drove 2 hours to be in Bloomington to address the Council on the proposed changes to the Public Comment ordinance. Note, I intentionally filmed non-verbal reactions to the […]

RULES for the REAL press

by: Diane Benjamin If the bird-cage liner or the low information radio station ever want creditability – here’s a tip: When a government official glibly says the law doesn’t say we can, or I can’t by law – CHECK the law! I’ve seen a pattern with the local officials.  To deflect further questions or discussion, […]

In Honor of Judy Stearns Update

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is a link to one of my all time favorite Pantagraph pictures  In case you forgot or didn’t know, Judy Stearns was accused in 2011 of having multiple homestead exemptions because of rental properties she owns.  Then Mayor Stockton tried his best to get her thrown off the Council, hiring 2 […]

Fly on the Wall: Embarrassed?

UPDATE here:  https://blnnews.com/2015/04/28/they-found-the-video/ I was flying around looking for video from last night’s Council meeting.  The work session is on-line, but not the Council meeting. Was David Sage embarrassed when everybody in the room stood and applauded Judy Stearns while he sat? Was David Sage embarrassed by his fawning over David Hales and demand for a […]