Pravdagraph propaganda

By:  Diane Benjamin

CLEAN audits mean nothing!

Dixon Illinois got taken for $50,000,000 with CLEAN audits.  Forensic Audits find fraud, regular yearly audits only mean the numbers are in the right columns.

Thanks Pantagraph for printing what you were told.

Why were the Bloomington financial statements released REALLY late?  Tonight the Council will hear information that is close to a year old.  They claimed they needed information from CIAM, but the statements got released without it!  Did Pravda ask why?

The Empire Street Corridor TIF report was also just released.  It had NOTHING to do with CIAM, but it is also close to a year old.  Maybe Tari didn’t want you to know how much it has cost so far:

This report is as of 4/30/2016 and signed by Patti-Lynn Silva on March 8th of 2017.

Did Pravda ask why this report wasn’t released on time?  It has NOTHING to do with the Coliseum.  It shows no TIF income since the TIF had just started.

Maybe all the financial reports were late because the City staff was trying to tape back together the documents CIAM shredded before leaving the Coliseum!

At least Pravda reminded the citizens the State Police investigation is going on.  I wonder if they will ever blame anybody!  Like David Hales for never checking concession reports.  Or the Council who didn’t heed the warnings from Judy Stearns years ago?  Or Tari Renner who made sure I had to file a lawsuit to get the concession information?

They didn’t even blame John Butler and CIAM!

The City claims they found irregularities at the Coliseum.  They couldn’t mean the ones I’ve reported for YEARS, or the ones I filed a lawsuit over, or the concession revenue the City didn’t receive that is only known because of the lawsuit!  (

I really hope the State Police isn’t playing politics with their investigation!  A perp walk is badly needed and then some singing by the accused so everybody involved with the disaster called the Coliseum is held accountable.

After the election is too late.  The citizens deserve to know NOW what is happening.



  1. Silverado, Enron, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Washington Mutual, Lehman Bros, et al… How soon we forget!!
    And don’t forget Bernie (Madoff that is)


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