Send a local message to Springfield:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal spent $100,000,000+ on Uptown and they aren’t done spending money.  See this story:

9 Small Towns In Illinois Where Downtown Is The Place To Be

Normal isn’t on the list and it isn’t a downtown destination, unless you like the taxpayer-funded free events.  These 9 cities used existing buildings.  Quaint beats new.  Normal’s “quaint” barely exists now.  Bloomington is on the same path as Normal.  Once “quaint” disappears, so does any reason to go downtown except to drink or practice law.

Economic Development is NOT handing out future tax rebates that give new businesses an advantage over competitors.  Both Bloomington and Normal claim success while putting existing retailers at a competitive disadvantage.  Long time businesses have to complete with shiny and new funded by their government.  The Economic Development Council and B/N Advantage suck up tax money to help make that happen.

Both Bloomington and Normal are run by people playing legacy games with your money. It’s no different from Springfield where government exists for government employees.  The only way to control the future locally is to return to fiscal responsibility.  It’s easy to do:  VOTE.

If you stay home good people are going to lose, that means the recession in Bloomington-Normal will deepen.  Dump the current big spenders and tell Springfield they are next!

These people need to get elected:


Mayor:  Kevin Lower

Ward 1:  Susan Feldkamp  (Mathy is hand-picked by Renner)

Ward 3:  Gary Lambert

Ward 5: Lupe Diaz

Ward 7:  Sonny Garcia (let the next mayor appoint a better representative)

Ward 9:  Sheheryar Muftee (Bray is hand-picked by Renner, Muftee worked much harder than Rodriguez)


Mayor:  Marc Tiritilli

The ballot says you can vote for 3 Council Trustees. That doesn’t mean you have to vote for 3!  If you want change, there aren’t 3 on the ballot to make that happen.

Vote for Ronald Ulmer

Write in James Woods  (Just like the actor)


Know what this is?

Tari Renner’s version of transparency.  I received this by FOIA – see the entire mostly redacted PDF Here:   0217jrnla_Redacted-1

What’s up with the Coliseum Signs?

It’s a secret.




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