Do laws matter? Who knows

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed yet another Request for Review with the Attorney General’s office asking them to investigated the Executive Session where the Council decided to disband Metro Zone.  The conversations should have taken place in public, not behind closed doors.  The City claimed “Probably Litigation” as the excuse for holding a secret meeting when no litigation or threat existed.

Keep in mind State’s Attorney Jason Chambers claimed he contacted the Attorney General’s office about the same issue.  I mentioned that in my request, the letter I received from the AG makes no mention of Chamber’s request.

I did tell them it took 2 1/2 years to find Renner guilty of the Executive Session Judy Stearns walked out, and the audio from that one still hasn’t been released.  I expressed hope that this situation would receive a faster resolution.

See the AG letter here agreeing the issue needs more investigation:  46767 FI let-1

The City now has to respond, then I can respond to whatever they say.  After that the AG has to find time in their schedule to finalize a response.






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