Judy Stearns on WJBC

By:  Diane Benjamin

I know some of you have seen this story on Facebook, but I kept running into people this weekend that didn’t.  That means I HAVE to print it.

Here’s the back story according to Judy Stearns:

Tari Renner was on WJBC this week.  Scott Laughlin asked him about Judy’s appearance Monday night during Public Comment.  Renner said she was “grand-standing”.

Judy contacted Scott and asked for equal time.  Scott said he would give her two minutes on Friday morning.  The two minutes turned into almost a NINE minute interview and a news story on both radio and the WJBC website.

This is a MUST listen to interview – Judy at her best with nothing but facts:


Does this mean the media is finally waking up to the Renner excuses and spouting accusations with no facts?

Only time will tell.  Don’t hold your breathe.


6 thoughts on “Judy Stearns on WJBC

  1. Maybe…here’s to hope that they start some unbiased reporting from WJBC. Maybe they can have individuals who oppose Tyrant Tari a little more often.


    1. Note: Judy had to contact WJBC. Even as an Alderman during CIAM’s management, they did not search her out for a rebuttal. The local media will interview the Mayor and print his spin but will not even print letters to editor or comments on articles that criticize his actions. Anyone who presents fact is vilified by the Mayor and some Council members. Having said that, I stick with facts from the City website and the You Tube recordings and feed them back to the Council. The media takes note but doesn’t act.


  2. Benjamin yount in 92.9 last week ripped and ranted into the Bloomington council and Renner and their crap. Taxes. Bob told me about it.

    Chris and his longtime girlfriend was talking just last night they have been noticing everything rising in town. Groceries. Everything. He said they looked at a house to rent. They wanted 1000 a month. He said they can’t afford it. I told him it’s property taxes built in and where it’s at. Bloomington. Normal area. People have no choice but to look at other towns or states.

    Go Judy. Tell the young and everyone what she knows. Maybe yount could interview her, if he hasn’t already. Go Judy. !!

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  3. Thanks Judy for taking the time to dispel Renners lies and pointing taxpayers to BLNNews where the facts are laid out by Dianne. Don’t have to go far, she has already done the investigating for you. Just get educated about the corruption and mismanagement.


  4. Great interview JUDY! Always good to hear another “Townie’s” take on the “Head in the sand” attitude that the council has.
    AND as I said before, IF a person isn’t FROM here-watch out! WHERE are Tari and Hales from again? How about the REST of the bobble heads that fill city hall on Mondays??
    Did I hear her say “RIMCO” What a proper name! What does RIMCO stand for?
    “Ripping Internal Management Completely Obscenely”??


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