Fun Facts (or not so fun facts)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington population:  78,005

Normal Population:  54,264

  • Bloomington Total Budget:  $214,126,710

PDF Page 2:

  • Normal Total Budget:  $107,133,177

PDF Page 15

Normal has 30% fewer citizens.

Normal budgets 50% of what Bloomington does.

  • Bloomington spends $2,745 for every citizens
  • Normal spends $1,974 for every citizen

Bloomington total debt 4/30/16:  270,629,828

4/30/17 information STILL isn’t available.  The 2016 number includes unfunded liabilities like pensions.

Normal total debt 3/31/2017:  $175,453,325

From this post:

Normal STILL hasn’t reported to the Comptroller’s office or the Comptroller hasn’t approved their submission.

Bloomington debt per citizen:  $3,469

Normal debt per citizen:  $3,233

US Debt per citizen: $62,496

Illinois Debt per citizen:  $11,067





11 thoughts on “Fun Facts (or not so fun facts)

  1. The ONLY numbers that Tari, Hales, The councils or Koos UNDERSTAND is HOW MUCH MORE TAX, GRANT, FEDERAL, STATE, money can I scam by spending what I don’t have?
    IF I can’t get any, let’s tax bicycles, and ALL their parts, and make the bicycle lanes “Toll paths”!!
    BEAUTIFUL ideal, eh, Mr Koos?
    I’m SURE Hales would give it a big YEAH! As he DON’T over think things…


    1. Now that they have bike lanes they should be taxed. Start with the snowflakes in Bike BloNo. Fine everyone of them that ride the wrong way, have no lighting, run red lights, etc. Multiple citations, go to jail just like drivers of automobiles. What’s fair is fair.


  2. Lot of money in debt! How can they talk about spending one more unnecessary dime with that kind of balance sheet? We got some spending fools at the helm of this sinking ship. As State Farm continues to downsize and ISU enrollment continues to decline, how are we going to pay all of this money back?


      1. Those are just throwing money away! Things like high priced building items or equipment meant to last multiple years as opposed to standard expenses. They have the massive capital lease program that is nothing more than purchases on a credit card


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