Guest Editorial!

By:  Angela Scott

An open letter to Bloomington City Council and Mayor Renner.

Here are a few quotes from the Mayor’s comments last week.Tari stated, “Frankly here at the local level and I’m talking about more than words” and goes on to imply there have been physical altercations.

He also stated, “Frivolous complaints and multiple lawsuits and frankly it discourages good people” but really didn’t elaborate on what was frivolous.

Mr. Renner you will need to, at some point, detail what you are talking about.  I’m pretty sure your comments to Bruce Meeks, Diane Benjamin, and Judy Sterns were meant to discourage good people.  See how I followed that up with specific examples?  We are going to need you to do the same.  While you are at it could you please define “good people”?

You also stated these were people who, “Never served in public office or actually had to make real decisions”  and you said they didn’t  “Stick their neck out on the line” and you mentioned something about a 215 million dollar budget.  I’m pretty sure there is no budgeting going on here just tax increases.

Just so you can consider my qualifications to make public comment per Tari’s little speech, I attempted to run for Bloomington School Board many years ago, I didn’t get enough valid signatures, it was challenged and I didn’t disagree with the challenge, because I knew I had not put the hard work and effort into obtaining signatures that really needed to be done.  I believe I was 3 valid signatures short.  I only collected 10 more signatures than what was necessary so 13 of my signatures were invalid.  I didn’t call anyone names when they challenged it.  I let it go and thought perhaps I wasn’t ready to be on the Board if I couldn’t put forth the effort to get the appropriate signatures.

In addition I’ve raised 3 pretty amazing children on a budget that most of the time fell under $25K a year.  I was forced to make some pretty difficult decisions…such as will we, as a family have milk this week, or will I buy gas to get to work.  I remember sitting on my kitchen floor at 2 a.m. crying because I wasn’t sure how I would be able to buy school supplies for my children because I needed to have a car repair made.  So I think I’ve had to make some pretty difficult decisions.

Speaking of difficult decisions, my father was a combat solider in Vietnam.  I grew up in a home with a really great man who suffered from PTSD and I’m confident he made difficult decisions in the jungles of Vietnam because a bunch of politicians decided to send him there.  He believed he was fighting for freedom.  Tari if you think you can silence me by your little speech about acrimony, you need to think again.  THIS IS PERSONAL.  I have stuck my neck out on the line.   I have friends and family who support you Tari, for no other reason than because you are the Mayor.  These are people I like and care about.  I’m not a politician, just defending the truth and my freedom.  I have nothing to lose and no reason to lie.

Tari, you stated people were saying “Things that aren’t true, lies.” But you failed to elaborate and I’m pretty sure you have more than 3 minutes.  So I’m waiting and I will be until you apologize, are representative of the entire community or until you are gone.

Council Members it is your duty and your responsibility to protect this community.  As a Council you are the only ones powerful enough to have a no confidence vote for the Mayor..


19 thoughts on “Guest Editorial!

    1. Great editorial. You are not alone in your fight for truth, justice and the American way. Renner is intimidated by strong, intelligent women who are not afraid to challenge him. Bruce, Diane and Judy are not the only ones he has attacked. He has exposed his weak underbelly and I, for one, will be unrelenting in my challenges.


  1. when he speaks at the council meetings and sits back smirking ,, he I think hears waa wa waa waaw waaaa ,, as folk talk ,, and I think really could care less . he never gives any indication he picks up what folk are fed up about .and there is the problem . ego ..he thinks any with issues of how things go any more are full of hate toward him and the but kisser yes folk . they act like any opinion outside of their circle is an attack instead of comments that just maybe may be valid , hence a lot of messes we now are in . they love to take private interest like real-estate , business enterprises and capital ventures and make them a public expenditure and entity for who knows what reason . they keep referring back to stuff that didn’t fly years back ,, like the down town venture goals ,, and keep thinking their vision will turn it into a meca of fun and mass usage . I used to think he was ok and smart , but lately see a person afraid of actual dealing with rejection .and he fits the perfect way most in Chicago work . tax more than needed , spend more than you have , then raise taxes to make up the deficit while rerouting funds for perks and pals , the whole time pushing an agenda while ignoring infrastructure and needs . if I was a boss and him and a few of the council worked for me ,, they’d been fired or told to get with doing a better job .


  2. Several years ago (about 6-7 years) I had a conversation with a sitting alderman of whom was making a poor attempt to align himself with being in my corner regarding the appointment of an new alderman after another alderman had resigned. The point that was made during that conversation was that this new person to be appointed was a person that “we can manage.” Of which “we” referred to was the Stockton gang. As one looks at the council now, all of these people are being managed whether they know it or not. It’s obvious as the Renner and Hales lead them around by their noses. Sorry to say but having any hope for any of the present council members is wishful thinking.


      1. Scotty made a statement to the President of VenueWorks at last Monday’s Special Meeting saying something to the affect of not trusting future performance based on failures of past performance. (check the You Tube of the Council meeting) Time to throw that back in his face.


  3. Wow, what an excellent letter! Since I’m the person who challenged his petition signatures with the Bloomington Election Commission, then surely he’s not talking about me not having budgeting experience,or having to make decisions. I was a Vice President with Securitas, the worlds largest protective services firm, and my region produced $275M in revenue. With over 30yrs experiance of turning high level target budget figurures into multiple branch/district branch office budgets P&L’s that in turn roll up to the the high level Region Budget/ P&L , I think I migh know a thing or two about budgeting and forescasting. I also had to make hard decisions when things didn’t go well. If unanticipated losses occurred or if sales didn’t meet or exceed their objectives, the immediate cuts went into place. Everything was considered and implemented if necessary. There was never any sacred cows.

    As for challenging his petitions, he should quit whining. He’s very luck only approx 200 signatures were thrown out. Had the Director of the Bloomington Election Commission not given me bad information as to the form of the Petition I filed, a there would of probably been enough bad signatures due to whole pages being written in the same hand that they did not consider, that would of thrown him off the ballot.


    1. Yep, maybe if he wasn’t able to put enough Hard Work and Effort into getting signatures he shouldn’t be on the Council? Also, didn’t you serve on the Council, run for office, and stick your neck out just a bit? Asking for a city that has had enough.


  4. WAY better then the WHOLE darn Pantagraph today (or ANY DAY) and well presented!
    I Wonder if ANY council members will take heed, or keep eating OUR lunches.
    How about it JOHNEE?? Time for Tari to put up or SHUTUP!
    Thanks for a GREAT read Diane, and whoever wrote this.


  5. Wow Angela! You go girl. This is brilliant stuff. Quite refreshing to hear from you. Please keep it up. You’ve got my back and well as the backs of many others in this town. We need people like you on Council.


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