Here are a few quotes from the Mayor’s comments last week.Tari stated, “Frankly here at the local level and I’m talking about more than words” and goes on to imply there have been physical altercations.

He also stated, “Frivolous complaints and multiple lawsuits and frankly it discourages good people” but really didn’t elaborate on what was frivolous.

Mr. Renner you will need to, at some point, detail what you are talking about.  I’m pretty sure your comments to Bruce Meeks, Diane Benjamin, and Judy Sterns were meant to discourage good people.  See how I followed that up with specific examples?  We are going to need you to do the same.  While you are at it could you please define “good people”?

You also stated these were people who, “Never served in public office or actually had to make real decisions”  and you said they didn’t  “Stick their neck out on the line” and you mentioned something about a 215 million dollar budget.  I’m pretty sure there is no budgeting going on here just tax increases.

Just so you can consider my qualifications to make public comment per Tari’s little speech, I attempted to run for Bloomington School Board many years ago, I didn’t get enough valid signatures, it was challenged and I didn’t disagree with the challenge, because I knew I had not put the hard work and effort into obtaining signatures that really needed to be done.  I believe I was 3 valid signatures short.  I only collected 10 more signatures than what was necessary so 13 of my signatures were invalid.  I didn’t call anyone names when they challenged it.  I let it go and thought perhaps I wasn’t ready to be on the Board if I couldn’t put forth the effort to get the appropriate signatures.

In addition I’ve raised 3 pretty amazing children on a budget that most of the time fell under $25K a year.  I was forced to make some pretty difficult decisions…such as will we, as a family have milk this week, or will I buy gas to get to work.  I remember sitting on my kitchen floor at 2 a.m. crying because I wasn’t sure how I would be able to buy school supplies for my children because I needed to have a car repair made.  So I think I’ve had to make some pretty difficult decisions.

Speaking of difficult decisions, my father was a combat solider in Vietnam.  I grew up in a home with a really great man who suffered from PTSD and I’m confident he made difficult decisions in the jungles of Vietnam because a bunch of politicians decided to send him there.  He believed he was fighting for freedom.  Tari if you think you can silence me by your little speech about acrimony, you need to think again.  THIS IS PERSONAL.  I have stuck my neck out on the line.   I have friends and family who support you Tari, for no other reason than because you are the Mayor.  These are people I like and care about.  I’m not a politician, just defending the truth and my freedom.  I have nothing to lose and no reason to lie.

Tari, you stated people were saying “Things that aren’t true, lies.” But you failed to elaborate and I’m pretty sure you have more than 3 minutes.  So I’m waiting and I will be until you apologize, are representative of the entire community or until you are gone.

Council Members it is your duty and your responsibility to protect this community.  As a Council you are the only ones powerful enough to have a no confidence vote for the Mayor..