Who Renner is

By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought pretty much everybody knew the story of Tari Renner’s comment he left on BlnNews that led to his censure.  They don’t, so before Bloomington votes for the next mayor, everybody needs to know who Tari is.  See the whole story here:  https://blnnews.com/2015/02/11/tari-attacks-me-again-not-in-our-town/

tari-rantWhy didn’t Tari slink away?

If he had any character he would have.

Add Renner’s constant attacks on Alderwoman Stearns!  https://blnnews.com/2014/05/01/video-of-renners-verbal-attack-on-stearns/

Watch the video below.  Does he have a problem with women?  These attacks are clearly aimed at women who challenge him!

Last Saturday Renner participated in the meet and greet during the pancake breakfast at the BCPA.

I’ve heard numerous reports of him shaking again.  It shouldn’t have been stressful just shaking hands and greeting citizens.

When is the media going to ask him what’s going on?

Most likely, never.

Don’t forget – this is the guy endorsed by the Pantagraph.  Brilliant!



5 thoughts on “Who Renner is

  1. “I will give people ANYTHING they want to know about their government” T. Renner (see above). well Tari, how about financial statements from the city, along with TRUE employee numbers, and the arena finance records. JUST for starters!! The TRUTH will set you free!
    That is UNLESS you have something to hide Tari.

  2. Seriously Diane he had no need to share his medical information with you.

    I have essential tremors. Had them for decades. I was in senior management for 40 years as well as s sports official without a problem.

    Mind your own damn business.

    1. Yeah but obviously this man does have problems with abusing women. Renner as a public servant, it is (our) dam business! Typical hypocritical lib response Tom.

  3. Wasn’t that this actually Renner’s second attack on you or is my memory fading (a very real possibility)?

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