County Drug Deaths

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chalk this story up to I just wanted to know the facts.

I sent a FOIA to the County for the number of drug deaths and type of drug used for 2016 and so far this year.  I received the information today:

drug-deaths2All I can add is:   If you use one these drugs, get help before you are a statistic.



  1. Before you print your comments you ought to at least think a bit.

    For those of us with chronic pain from disease we need some of these drugs to stay alive.


  2. Silly Rabbit says:

    My dog takes Tramadol for pain. It’s a frequent flier above as well. Some doctors may prescribe it to humans, not sure. Curious. As for pain killers, I don’t think it’s a fair conclusion to state “get help” simply because one is on them. The really curious one is second from the top, the blood pressure and anti-depressant combination. Too bad.


  3. Silly Rabbit says:

    No, you shouldn’t have assumed and subsequently made a judgemental declaration. Happens to the best of us. No one is arguing about the scourge, just the paintbrush used in identifying those who need help.


  4. Wow. Somebody died from taking loperamide AKA Immodium? Good lord how many Immodium do you have to take to kill yourself?


  5. Doesn’t look like the national heroin crisis is here, assuming it is real to begin with.


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