County Drug Deaths

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chalk this story up to I just wanted to know the facts.

I sent a FOIA to the County for the number of drug deaths and type of drug used for 2016 and so far this year.  I received the information today:

drug-deaths2All I can add is:   If you use one these drugs, get help before you are a statistic.

8 thoughts on “County Drug Deaths

  1. Before you print your comments you ought to at least think a bit.

    For those of us with chronic pain from disease we need some of these drugs to stay alive.


  2. My dog takes Tramadol for pain. It’s a frequent flier above as well. Some doctors may prescribe it to humans, not sure. Curious. As for pain killers, I don’t think it’s a fair conclusion to state “get help” simply because one is on them. The really curious one is second from the top, the blood pressure and anti-depressant combination. Too bad.


  3. No, you shouldn’t have assumed and subsequently made a judgemental declaration. Happens to the best of us. No one is arguing about the scourge, just the paintbrush used in identifying those who need help.


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