Video of Renner’s verbal attack on Stearns

by:  Diane Benjamin

This is a shortened version of Mayor Tari Renner’s attack on Alderwoman Stearns at the 4/28/14 City Council meeting.  Please share this – the residents of Bloomington need to understand Renner conducted a pre-planned attack on Alderwoman Stearns – he is reading it!


5 thoughts on “Video of Renner’s verbal attack on Stearns

  1. And to think that Lee Newcom on cities 92.9 had the gull to call Judy a troublemaker on his program yesterday morning because she supports tax cuts instead of Renner’s tax hikes! That really upset me, and I think he owes her an apology. I wonder if Mr. Newcom thinks that our founding fathers were “troublemakers” because they apposed the taxaholic King George III?

    1. He was more upset that she forwarded one of his email. He forgot she was out of the country and using her cell phone. His email said nothing but asking for information on her cuts.

  2. I see web staff…………………………but I still wish Newcom could throw away the chap stick and quit kissin Renner’s rear end all the time! 😛

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