How did Bloomington get an $85 per hour administrator?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has hired Sue McLaughlin as a temporary replacement for Barb Atkins who retired.  McLaughlin is being paid $85.00 per hour – at least $175,000 per year.  She formerly worked as a City Administrator for Mattoon until she was fired for trying to sell City land for less than market value to her fiancée:

More on the story:

Mayor Renner and (I hear) David Hales claim they didn’t know about her past.  So where did she come from and how did she get hired?

Remember the project the City of Bloomington is doing to accumulate  data to send to the International City Manager’s Association so Bloomington can be compared to cities all over the US?  We still don’t know how much that is costing, but it’s obviously taking a lot of employee time.  According to the Mayor there is nothing to cut, but we can’t cut what we don’t know now can we Mayor.  Anyway, McLaughlin is the president-elect of the Illinois chapter of the International City Mangers Association:

From her Linked-In page



Served as ILCMA President-elect
Served on ICMA Boston 2013 Planning Cmte
Served on Legacy Project-Downstate

Mayor Renner used to work for the ICMA, he mentioned it again last Monday night.  Browse their website:  This is NOT an organization dedicated to good government, it is an organization dedicated to the government THEY want.  They plan ways to limit your rights.  It all sounds wonderful until you can’t park in Downtown Normal anymore because Chris Koos hates cars, unless they are electric.

McLaughlin was hired without a background check because she believes all the same things Renner and Hales believe in:  form-based code, downtown redevelopment, land use planning (to limit your property rights), sustainability, etc, etc.

Mayor Renner continues to act like he wants to serve the citizens of Bloomington.  It’s an act.  He wants to control the citizens and mold you to fit his agenda.  Hiring Sue McLaughlin, the new budget, and 3 new taxes  is all the evidence you need.







8 thoughts on “How did Bloomington get an $85 per hour administrator?

  1. If Renner and Hales lips are moving, they are lying…
    I’d like them both to deny knowing that under oath!


  2. Koos owns a black BMW diesel, looks like last years model. New article out on diesel today in the Daily Mail online. Nope, no good, follow the money. As per the Koos regime, follow the money. It is always,,,follow the money with these greenie do-gooders. Although others may have different experiences than me, how come I’ve never seen Koos on a bicycle.


  3. Fast food and cleaning services do a better job of applicant screening than this! Paying this person $85 hour is a complete rip off! That’s where the new taxes are going,,,for more rip offs!


  4. WOW! Looks like ICMA is the Federal government getting more control in our city through it’s failed policies like climate change and environmental education (if you call it education). So Renner and Hales hires this McLaughlin, without a background check! There is something very wrong with this folks. To hire someone just because they believe the same things that Renner and Hales believes like form-based code, downtown redevelopment, land use planning (to limit your property rights) and sustainability is ludicrous! This is opening a very ugly door………………………….called AGENDA 21!


  5. Good God Almighty!!!! Is the Miami Big Mouth Machine trying to insert “national politics” into local government?” Say it ain’t so!


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