Does Bloomington have their own Flanagan?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Tim Flanagan wasn’t vetted for the job of President of ISU.  TWO minutes of investigation revealed to me  that he wasn’t well liked where he came from.  He ended up costing ISU $480,000 and a good guy his job.

Now Bloomington hires an Assistant Administrator, Sue McLaughlin, who was fired from her job in Mattoon after trying to sell City property to her fiancée for less than market value.  City officials claim they didn’t know.  Oh, she was paid $50,000 to leave Mattoon.  I wonder what her contract with Bloomington says.

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Besides costing Bloomington taxpayers $85.00 per hour, what else is she going to cost you?  It sure is easy to spend other people’s money!





One thought on “Does Bloomington have their own Flanagan?

  1. Un-flippin’-believable! How incompetent or arrogant can the mayor and city manager be? All time dumb hire!

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