Pantagraph Editorial misses the obvious

by:  Diane Benjamin

On April 30th the Pantagraph posted an editorial:  Taxpayer needs should outweigh political wishes.

For a minute I thought the Pantagraph was actually going to tell the truth on a City issue!  Silly me.

The entire editorial was about the State of Illinois and  Mike Madigan.  It had little to do with the title – it concerned the Fair Map amendment that will be on the November ballot and Madigan’s disgust that the citizens will defeat his abuses of power.

I guess the Pantagraph didn’t realize their title applies perfectly to the City of Bloomington.  Needs should outweigh Wishes.  In fact that line was uttered by Alderman Lower Monday night, except he used Wants instead of Wishes.  Too bad the Pantagraph didn’t see fit to editorialize on local controversy.

As anybody EVER seen a Pantagraph editorial criticizing City government?


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