Fact Checking Tari

by:  Diane Benjamin

At the April 28th City Council meeting, Mayor Renner verbally attacked Alderwoman Stearns on the accuracy of her data.  If you forgot – here’s a tiny clip just to remind you:


Since nobody else is fact-checking statements Renner made during the Council meeting, I have to.  Before the vote to raise Utility Taxes, Renner gave his version of why the tax had to be passed.  One of the facts he used was:


Renner claims pension funding will be fine in about 5 years.  Really Tari?  Where did your data come from?  Click on the picture below to enlarge it.  The far right column is what the required pension payment will be per year in the future.  How will Bloomington be fine in about 5 years Tari when payments will be more than $13 million?  What taxes are you going to raise next year, and the year after, etc?  Your three new taxes won’t cover it Tari!

This chart can be found at: Page 251 – http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=5930


How about Starcom Tari?  I won’t bother with the video since I’ve posted it before.  The point Aldermen Stearns and Lower were trying to make is that 2 phases do exist, they wanted to at least consider putting off one phases for a year.  It never meant 2/3rd of a radio system-your words Tari.  The Pantagraph confirmed this:  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/mayor-alderman-at-odds-over-approved-starcom-updates/article_14f8da2c-10bb-577a-b7a1-28549750a85a.html  Is Stearns and Lower’s suggestion putting the citizens at risk or is it your spending and taxing?

Now, let’s go back to the April 21st meeting where a budget was passed, but the Mayor immediately vetoed it.  If the Mayor had bothered to check the law, his veto was illegal.  It was also illegal for him to schedule another meeting on Friday the 25th, five days is required before a legal veto and another meeting.  Who isn’t using accurate information Tari?  Did you take 2 minutes to research the proper procedure?

I think accurate information is required Tari, when do you start?





3 thoughts on “Fact Checking Tari

  1. TOUCHE! The “Miami Big Mouth Machine” will never give you an answer though so don’t hold your breath and have a nice weekend!

  2. Look! The mayor doesn’t have a teleprompter (and can’t afford one til the pensions get paid off) so talking points are just going to have to do if you want transparency. Don’t ask no questions. How can he be transparent if you ask questions?

  3. Left-wing Progressives do not care about facts! They make their own rules up as they go because their goal is to eventually destroy the hard working, home owning, middle class citizens with ever increasing taxes. Though they hide behind the mask of Progressives they are Communists. Now that they are in power we are their prisoners, caught between taxation and inflation. My wife works at a local country club here in Bloomington and she told me that she has talked with several members about this three way tax hike and they are not alarmed by this tax increase but seem to think that it’s needed. She was shocked by their reaction.

    Sheeple: Sheep-like people, many of whom deny the existence of wolves, and vote to pull the teeth of the sheepdogs who protect the flock.

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