Let’s have fun with the Pantagraph!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I told you about a Pantagraph Editorial with content that didn’t match the title.  I mentioned they have never criticized City government, I should have said Mayor Stockton, Mayor Renner, David Hales, Tom Hamilton etc – while they were in office.  The paper will never attack their golden goose.   The Pantagraph does take aim at people they don’t like though, like the 2 conservative Aldermen on the City Council.

This weekend I bet they do just that.  Word is getting around town that Mayor Renner and Judy Stearns didn’t have a “heated argument” as the Pantagraph reported.  Citizens are watching the tape and seeing Mayor Renner READ his vicious attack.  It’s obvious Renner had the whole attack planned in advance.  So how will the Pantagraph spin it?

The Pantagraph HAS to find a way to protect their Golden Boy, that means they have to come up with a strategy to blame Stearns!

What possible logic will the Pantagraph use to hold Stearns out as the aggressor just because she wanted cuts considered before tax increases?  They will probably mention the Renner line that 100 jobs were cut in 2009, they haven’t realized yet this is 2014!

I wonder if Steve Vogel already has it written?  I wonder if Vogel’s daughter – Renner’s campaign manager – read and approved it?  Many Renner supporters are now turning on him, is Vogel’s daughter one of them?  Even if she did, Vogel would never be that transparent and report it.  Maybe the editorial writer won’t be named, that way nobody can be blamed.

Will the Pantagraph mention the new $85 per hour new hire?  I doubt it.  They did a tiny story, now they have to change the subject quick!

Don’t bother buying a paper, I will let you know how they spin to protect their piggy bank.





One thought on “Let’s have fun with the Pantagraph!

  1. Last year I wrote a very critical letter to the editor at the Pantycrap on the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade at their very biased coverage on the front page that included a counter pro abortion rally photo at ISU on the front page. The photo was outdated at least three years. The Pantycrap refused to print my letter to the editor. They emailed me telling me they would not print it, but there was no name attached to the email. I went round and round with some anonymous person. I can’t submit a letter to the editor at the Pantycrap without my name address and phone number, yet some nameless person can respond to me informing me they’re not printing my letter. Classless.

    Give them a few years and the Pantycrap will be no more. Tari can build a hotel on their property. We’re already getting our paper from first Peoria now Decatur.

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