Heartland & Your Tax Bill

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m sure you’ve received your Real Estate Tax bill by now – did you just look at the total and suppress a growl?

If you didn’t read it line by line, pull it out and see what Heartland Community College is costing you.  If you remember, Heartland came into existence to provide cheap higher education.  I am a Community College graduate and I can honestly say I enjoyed my time and the learning experience much more at Richland Community College in Decatur than I did when I attended Millikin University and then ISU.  Community colleges are supposed to be the place to go to continue your education when you don’t know exactly what you want to study or you want to get the general studies requirements completed for less money.

Unfortunately, the Heartland Board decided students need “the college feel”.  Instead of concentrating on quality education at an affordable price, they went for a beautiful campus and lots of unneeded amenities.  Below is the cost for 12 credit hours at Heartland:  http://www.heartland.edu/financialAid/funding.jsp

Just look at the Tuition and Fees, 12 hours wasn’t full-time when I went to college, it’s probably not now either:  $3338

heartland2Compare the tuition at Heartland to the tuition at ISU below for 12 credit hours.  

12 credit hours at ISU is only $766 more than Heartland!   



How does Richland compare to Heartland?  Below is Full-Time tuition at Richland – $890 less than 12 credit hours at Heartland.

Now go back to your tax bill and see how more you are paying for Heartland community College.

I really like to hear how the Heartland Trustees think they have fulfilled their mission to provide affordable education.  The number of students at Heartland is down, I wonder why?



3 thoughts on “Heartland & Your Tax Bill

  1. A college education is no longer needed for jobs that do not exist. Until the globalist attitude in DC changes back to American policy being put 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for the American people our country will continue to decline to the point in which many colleges will no longer be at all viable due to the greed of pricing themselves out of existence.

  2. Isn’t that the cost for 24 semester hours (12 semester hours X 2)? If not, that’s embarrassing that it’s that high.

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