Renner’s ethics

By:  Diane Benjamin

Besides Tari Renner, you have to remember former Alderman Rob Fazzini to understand this story.  Fazzini is the guy who claimed a gas tax doesn’t raise the price of gas and he wasted tons of staff and legal time trying to get both Bloomington and Normal to sell him their garbage so he could turn it into jet fuel.   Stories are all over BlnNews, but this one recaps at least part of the story:

Fazzini is also the guy who wanted to be a King Alderman by changing the current Ward system to Modified Wards.  Notice one common theme, Fazzini failed with the garbage plan and failed with modified wards.

Fazzini now has a few new jobs.  He is the business advisor to Henson Disposal.  From Facebook:

hens fuzz
Remember the North Main property the City bought just because they wanted it?  $1.4 million is tied up in this property, but we won’t know why until after the election.  This property was purchased from the Kirk brothers – facilitated by Fazzini while eating a couple of free lunches with Tari.





Now Fazzini has a new job – campaign Treasurer for Tari Renner:

fuzz2Source:  HERE

As Treasurer, Fazzini deposited this check:

To recap:

  • The City locks up $1.4 million in a property without telling the citizens why
  • The property was purchased from the Kirk brothers, Fazzini’s employer
  • Fazzini becomes campaign treasurer for Renner
  • Kirk brothers give Renner $1000 for his campaign

Illegal – nope.  Challenged ethics?  You decide.

One more thing.  For supposed non-partisan elections, why is Tari listed as a candidate on the Democrat Party website?

demSource:  HERE

More proof local elections are anything but non-partisan!

5 thoughts on “Renner’s ethics

  1. The property on Main Street is direct tie of downtown to link the northern part of the Blm. side of the Main Street Corridor to further a zoning code overlay (formerly known as form based code) to help facilitate IWU wet dreams of their campus town. Redevelopment of that area will usher in higher tuition and fees for IWU via the new look of pre-selected mixed use including the boring look of cheap apartments over chain restaurants.


    1. You mean like the look of Uptown? Uptown’s appearance is sterile and bleak with no character. Regardless, the city should not be using tax dollars to purchase real estate within a few weeks of raising the sales tax by 1%. It is the city’s responsibility to provide public SERVICES with tax dollars


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