Is Fazzini incompetent or ? UPDATE!

In a random act of journalism, WGLT sheds light on the project and the guy behind the project:

by:  Diane Benjamin

Tuesday night former Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini is presenting his ideas for getting your money to a joint meeting of the Normal and Bloomington City Councils.  Remember Rob is the same guy who stated at a Council meeting that a gas tax doesn’t raise the price, but I digress.  I’m sure any average citizen could get both Council together – obviously no crony capitalism here.

Side note:  Normal, I wonder if it’s an Open Meetings Act violation to not have the Agenda posted where all the other Agendas are posted?  What are you hiding?

Back in July, Fazzini is quoted in the Pantagraph saying his plans for your garbage will cost less than the City is currently paying for dumping it.  The City now pays $46.46 per ton.  According to the latest Pantagraph story, Fazzini’s price is $49.50.  Since Rob didn’t realize that tacking a tax on gas DOES raise the price, I’m forced to point out that $49.50 if MORE than $46.46.  Worse, the same article quotes Fazzini saying the price would increase to $56.93 per ton in 2023.

In 4 short months Fazzini’s price has increased?  Was the original plan not well thought out?  Why the big increase?  Can this group be trusted when the story keeps changing?

I wonder how much money the City of Bloomington is sending to their lawyers in Springfield or Chicago for legal fees concerning Paradigm?

Since this project has “green” written all over it, Koos and Renner will be on board.  The costs to citizens will be immaterial since they are saving the environment.  Making life un-affordable for residents is either the goal or just a by-product.  Either way the “green” agenda is more important than your wallet.

Is the Fazzini plan viable?  Who else is doing the same thing?  How do we know this isn’t another Solyndra scandal where taxpayers will be left to clean up their mess?  Writing it in a contract doesn’t mean they will have the money to clean up if the project fails!  Solyndra walked away, what happens if Paradigm does?

The meeting is at 6:00pm in the NORMAL Council chambers.  Citizens who care should attend.  Don’t complain about your garbage bill if you don’t go.

Another side note, why did Karen Schmidt use campaign funds given to support her candidacy to Koos?  Think she won’t be on board too?




5 thoughts on “Is Fazzini incompetent or ? UPDATE!

  1. Can I just say that 2 days ago I scoured the internet for info on these fraudsters behind Paradigm. They did not have a website (not that having a website proves legitimacy in any way) nor are they even registered with Illinois Secretary of State as being an LLC or a Corporation. The name “Paradigm Bioaviation” is open . . . does somebody want to grab it out from under them?


  2. This project has one major problem behind it, Rob Fazzini! Say no more. When he was with Busey Bank bad loans characterized the institution to the point of where the rumor around town was, “If it’s bad Busey’s got it.” On the Bloomington City Council, he was the target of unethical conduct and shady back room deals. Now this. I’d run away from anything that he’s heading up and ask questions later. A man is known by the company he keeps and this does not speak well of Mayor Renner.


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