Fly on the Wall: Fazzini

I remember buzzing around a Council meeting and hearing former Alderman Rob Fazzini say “A gas tax won’t raise the price of gas”. I remember hearing Fazzini was behind the Paradigm fiasco to charge Bloomington and Normal more to haul off garbage so he could turn it into jet fuel. Now I hear Fazzini was advising […]

Paradigm: FINAL report

By:  Diane Benjamin These emails will finally put Paradigm to bed – I hope permanently! From October 2nd – 19 days before Joint Session: Note:  4 days AFTER the Joint Session October 22nd – the day after Joint Session Note – even Robinson wonders why the Joints session was held!

Paradigm – wrap up

By: Diane Benjamin If Paradigm ever returns, all the emails I received from the Town of Normal under the Freedom of Information Act will be reevaluated, but for now I’m done reading somewhere near 600 pages. The FOIA request I submitted was for all emails during 2014.  One email from Paradigm President and CEO, Allen […]

A little more Paradigm

By:  Diane Benjamin Here are some more emails I received under the Freedom of Information Act from the Town of Normal.  The first two shows again that Bloomington was involved in the Paradigm deal BEFORE Rob Fazzini quit the Council.  Once again, in Illinois this is not a crime!  Ethical?  Since when does that matter! […]

Recent events explain “Limited Government”

by:  Diane Benjamin You probably didn’t hear, but the Coliseum had an audited operating loss last year of $1,637,477.  The only Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) report posted for this year is for May-July.  Is shows a loss of almost $140,000.  Since there were very few events since July, that’s probably why nothing has been […]

Paradigm Preview

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently readers want to know the story of Paradigm that hasn’t been told before.  a small percentage clicked I don’t know what Paradigm is, so briefly here’s the background: Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini quit the Council to be President of Paradigm BioAviation.  They wanted both Bloomington and Normal to pay them to […]

Fazzini, Paradigm, you paid

By:  Diane Benjamin Rob Fazzini resigned from the Bloomington City Council effective September 3rd.  He resigned to be President of Paradign BioAviation, a firm that wanted both Normal and Bloomington to pay them to haul off their garbage.  By now you know a joint Council session dashed all hopes of this project coming together here. […]

Fazzini makes news in Canada!

by:  Diane Benjamin h/t CS (again!) Why is Canada providing more news than our press?  Canadian press knows the game, but not the media here?  Note the date on the article! Did anybody doubt Fazzini was recruited by Paradigm not only because he was an alderman. but also gullible? Via Vancouver Observer: A waste-to-energy spin […]

Jeers to the Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin The editorial staff at the Pantagraph does a Cheers and Jeers column every Friday.  I thought there was hope when they jeered the City of Bloomington for the failed retreat posting and the cost/inconvenience it caused.  Today all hope was dashed. Not one mention in the column about the failed joint Council […]

Is Fazzini incompetent or ? UPDATE!

In a random act of journalism, WGLT sheds light on the project and the guy behind the project: by:  Diane Benjamin Tuesday night former Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini is presenting his ideas for getting your money to a joint meeting of the Normal and Bloomington City Councils.  Remember Rob is the same guy who […]