Paradigm Preview

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently readers want to know the story of Paradigm that hasn’t been told before.  a small percentage clicked I don’t know what Paradigm is, so briefly here’s the background:

  • Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini quit the Council to be President of Paradigm BioAviation.  They wanted both Bloomington and Normal to pay them to take their garbage instead of paying the landfill.
  • Fazzini was lobbying Normal long before he quit the Bloomington Council
  • Bloomington staff was working on Paradigm while Fazzini was on the Council – evidently not a crime in Illinois
  • A joint council session was held on October 21st at which time the project was soundly rejected.

Here’s the preview:

Fazzini didn’t give up after the joint meeting fiasco.  Below is a series of emails AFTER the joint meeting.  I have another email from Normal City Manager Mark Peterson to Fazzini from the day after the meeting wanting to meet.  I haven’t found anything yet as to why any party thought this project could still move forward.  Start reading from the bottom up.


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