Fazzini/Paradigm go up in flames – Update


by:  Diane Benjamin

According to the Pantagraph, Paradigm BioAviation received almost no support last night.

WHO didn’t do their homework?  WHO scheduled a joint Council meeting, wasted a lot of  staff time, the public’s time, the Council member’s time?  I thought Normal was all about sustainability, did the crowd ride their bikes to the meeting?

Normal City Manager Mark Peterson says he spent hours and hours and hours negotiating with Paradigm, but last night new information was brought forward.  How many hours and hours and hours did Bloomington staff spend negotiating?

Maybe now we know why government can’t live within their means.

Why did the Pantagraph not mention Fazzini’s involvement?


Lots of people attended the joint Council meeting tonight in Normal.  After wasting 2 1/2 hours it’s lights out for Rob Fazzini and the jet fuel project.  It wasn’t pretty!

6 thoughts on “Fazzini/Paradigm go up in flames – Update

  1. The Pantycrap made absolutely no mention of Fazzini in their front page article this morning. But, they did report that there was no support from either Bloomington or Normal for it. Where was Tari Renner last night?


      1. That is just my point. All of this shows how incompetent Rob Fazzini is and how the Pantycrap and Tari Renner are covering for him. Renner was conveniently absent so that he wouldn’t make his friend look bad. Same for Schmidt and Black. This was a dumb idea that went from bad to worse and Fazzini’s friends are trying to bow out gracefully. Yes indeed, one big waste of time and crony capitalism at work on the Bloomington and Normal Councils.
        Think about this for a minute. Paradigm needs garbage to make their product. No garbage, no product. It’s the equivalent of an Ethanol plant with no corn. The only difference is that Ethanol plants are not charging farmers a tipping fee to dump their grain at their plants. They are paying them top market dollar for their commodity. I know it’s hard to comprehend garbage being a commodity, but as a necessary ingredient for their product in this case it is. Worse case scenario would be the city dumping garbage at their facility at no charge. Better yet would be them paying our city for our garbage. But, we don’t have that. Instead, they proposed charging us a higher tipping fee than what we’re already paying. Nice work, Rob! As they say in Shark Tank, “I’m out.”


  2. While the Pantycrap makes no mention of Fazzini, CI Proud quotes him saying, “If Bloomington reviews and approves, having their garbage come to us. We will secure a site, we’re confident that won’t be a problem.” Trust me, we haven’t seen the end of this yet. Fazzini will be back with another proposal. He’s the master of stupid ideas, stupid comments and stupid deals, to say nothing of his ethics.


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