Renner promises NOT to raise Property Taxes

by:  Diane Benjamin

After already raising 3 taxes, Renner plans to spend more money but not raise property taxes to do it.  He has lots of other plans, but funding the pension plan passed by the Council will require more money.  (Cutting expenses will be out of the question – just like last year).

Renner thinks you aren’t smart enough to understand assessed values.

Property owners were recently sent a form showing the assessed value of their property.  If your house was listed last year for $50,000 (1/3 of the actual value) and this year it is $52,000 – your taxes are going up.  The Council never had to vote to take more of your money.

Of course, there are many other taxes Renner could increase.  The City lists taxes collected here:

Not included are water and sewer fees or garbage fees. He could raise those instead.

You have to listen close to this short clip.  Renner is in the background claiming he will “hold the line” on property taxes.  Renner needs more money from somewhere, stay tuned for what he wants to tax next.  Maybe he will invent a totally new tax – like last year’s amusement tax.  At least he can be called a liar if property taxes are increased.





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