Painter proves she is clueless again – Update

Comments by Brian Costin, Illinois Policy Institute


Brian Costin from the Illinois Policy Institute (the guy who gave Bloomington the transparency award), made the following comments to this story on Facebook:

Brian Costin
The only true way to truly measure the economic benefit is profit and loss. If a company loses money it is consuming more resources than it is creating. This is a drain on the community and the taxpayers who are forced to subsidize it.
Brian Costin
Government bureaucrats like to trot out economic development studies with multiplier effects to disguise an embarrassingly failing business misadventure. The key flaw in their economic studies is they don’t give the same multiplier effect to non-subsidized industries that are profitable on their own. By their flawed mathematical models they could justify the forced taxpayer/public investing in ANY business no matter how unprofitable or horrible for the economy.

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Coliseum is a public-private partnership.  The…

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