Local government no longer local

by:  Diane Benjamin

Grants, grants, grants.  Every level of government in Illinois is looking for grants.  They are more than happy to take State or Federal money, complete with the strings attached.

Indiana Gov Pence just refused $10,000,000 from the Feds:  http://www.pulaskipost.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3356:pence-wont-seek-federal-dollars-to-expand-pre-k&catid=31:election  He realizes giving the Federal Government more years to indoctrinate kids is bad for Indiana.  If he takes their money, they have control.  Good for him!

Local governments live on grant money.  Bike paths, museums, studies, by-passes, and many more.  They have no problem being controlled by the Federal and State government.

Bloomington is now paying the National Development Council $5000 a month.  For what?  Normally government-funded agencies are willing to work for free.  Getting their foot in the door is the first step to control.  Last night Tari said the NDC  vets companies.  Companies to do what he didn’t say, but the discussion was on rehab for mobile homes.  Tari went on to proclaim “a local radio station peddles lies” about the NDC.  Evidently Tari has never read their website.

Is the City staff so incompetent that they can’t vet companies?  Companies to do what, spend your money?   Why is so much of YOUR tax money being sent out of Bloomington?  Citizens are supposed to “buy local” but government doesn’t?

Obviously Alderwoman Stearns was getting to Tari last night.  The radio station comment is at the end of this video, but the discussion leading to it is enlightening.  Hales even mentions public-private partnerships, see the previous post from today.

Thanks to Renner and Hales, national left-wing groups have more influence on local government than the citizens.  Just wait until they get back form the National League of Cities conference in November.  They will have even more “innovations” to governing.  Just fixing roads and sewers will never be the priority under these two as long as the potted plants agree to everything.  The only way to fix the Council is to CHANGE the people on it!


5 thoughts on “Local government no longer local

  1. A local radio station that has been peddling lies, lol, let the desperation of not being able to cover one’s tracks set in,,,as everyone else is the liar, not the liar himself.


      1. CALL TO ACTION: I have made an official incident concerning Terri Renner PhD in Political Science professor at IWU. The response was dismissive at best. There is a tactic that will wake them up. 1.Please file an incident report of your own focusing on the fact he represents IWU (anti American, Socialist, dismissive of citizens on any topic).2. If you send a letter to the editor, concerning City Hall or Renner himself send a copy to President of IWN, Richard F. Wilson, 303 E Emerson, Bloomington, Ill 61702. It is time we make him realize he is not KING.

        posted to my Facebook page


  2. Regarding your last paragraph, even though I agree with you 100%, it gives them fodder when Lower only posts National and some state issues on his public FB webpage. If it wasn’t for Judy’s FB page, we ( I mean Ward 1 citizens ) wouldn’t no what in the hell was going on. I have never, not have my neighbors ever received an email from our elected Alderman on what goes on in the city. Before you say it, yes, I don’t like him and I think he’s incompetent. If he was competent and took initiative without riding Judy’s coattails,. then I’d back him if if I didn’t personally like him.


    1. Alderman Lower has been a breath of fresh air on the council. He asks the most informative questions . And the other Alderman value his opinions even if they don’t agree.


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