Jeers to the Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin

The editorial staff at the Pantagraph does a Cheers and Jeers column every Friday.  I thought there was hope when they jeered the City of Bloomington for the failed retreat posting and the cost/inconvenience it caused.  Today all hope was dashed.

Not one mention in the column about the failed joint Council meeting this week where Paradigm was thrown under the bus.

Not one mention of the “hours and hours and hours” spent by Normal City Manager Peterson and the taxpayer money wasted on this crony capitalism folly.

Not one question of how many staff hours Bloomington put into the project.  Renner and Hales complain about being short-staffed, maybe wasting staff time is the problem?

Not one mention of corruption when a sitting alderman can “line up his ducks”, quit the Council, and then be rewarded with a joint Council session.

Paradigm CEO Allen Robinson sued an accounting firm for a previous business failure.  The Pantagraph has failed to report this comment by the judge:

The opinion says Robinson’s testimony was self serving, “disingenuous,” and that his fundamental problem was that Robinson “is a dishonest man.”

Does not knowing the character of the clowns involved deserve a JEERS to both Normal and Bloomington?  No JEERS to Rob Fazzini?

Maybe they knew and tried to put together a deal anyway?

You left out a CHEERS Pantagraph:  Cheers to WGLT reporter Charlie Schlenker for actually committing journalism.

See his report here:







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