Bloomington investigated again

by:  Diane Benjamin

Another Request for Review has been filed against the City of Bloomington for holding an illegal meeting.  I didn’t file it.  Lisa Madigan’s Office is in charge of the investigation.  Since they have a long history of taking a year or more to make a decision, don’t expect a resolution anytime soon.  Madigan’s office just agreed an investigation is warranted.

The complaint stems from a “light supper” served only to the Council before the last Committee of the Whole meeting October 13th.  There was no agenda for the meal, but citizens are expected to believe no City business was discussed while the Council (at least one wasn’t present for food) stuffed their faces on your dime.

The Open Meetings Act was designed to protect citizens.  Discussions of public business are required to be done in PUBLIC so the citizens know who says what and who to hold accountable.  When Renner limits the Council to 10 minutes on agenda items does anybody believe the result is not already fixed?  Was the “light supper” a way to “fix” an outcome?

Next time a meal is planned at your expense, please take your kids to watch.  Tell the little guys you can’t afford to eat out because City management must feed themselves and the Council at taxpayer expense.  Brown bagging food is way beyond the dignity of the Council.  Stay for the final act:  Watch the staff take the leftovers home.

See Madigan’s letter to the City here:  PAC #31924 Letter






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