My view of the County Auditor

by:  Diane Benjamin

There is one BIG misconception in government:

Producing audited financial statements don’t mean the auditors looked for fraud!

The auditors of every government agency are hired from the outside, but they only look at presentation, not transactions.  Want proof?  The books of Dixon Illinois where and employee stole over $50,000,000 were audited!

The League of Women voters and the Pantagraph want you to vote YES to abolish the Auditor as an elected office.  The League also supports the Constitutional amendment to make sure Illinois never gets Voter ID.  They just aren’t smart enough to see it.  They need to change their name:  League of Un-informed Women Voters.  (Want proof?  Click here:[email protected]&o=RvdxU6i_8Qrey.Syc&oU=lbxdom2_okXye.mew&b=Lt6&n=&1=%23 )

I ran for this office in 2012. I heard County Board Chairman Matt Sorensen was determined NOT to allow me to win.  Transparency would mean questions he doesn’t want to answer.  I ran on putting all spending on-line just like Dupage County.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant, that’s why government fights it.  The County transparency score went DOWN from the first Illinois Policy Institute audit to the second.  What are they hiding?

The current auditor lied during one of our debates.  She claimed they were close to putting spending on-line.  More than 2 years later the only financial information on the County website is un-readable financial statements.

Even the Pantagraph admits making this position appointed  will save little money.  Giving the County easier ways to bury information with an appointed auditor is ridiculous.  Think that person will publicize fraud?  Only if they want fired.

The Auditor’s position must remain elected.  It’s the person holding the office that must be changed.




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