Renner: Community Organizer

by:  Diane Benjamin

Before Tari Renner was elected Mayor, I vetted him.  Bloomington could have elected Lex Green Mayor and not been subjected to tax increases, massive spending downtown, and the rest of the Renner agenda.  Lex would have concentrated on the business government is supposed to do like roads, sewers, water, police, fire etc.  Now Bloomington needs to protect itself from the guy they fell for.  Hopefully the citizens will stand up to Renner, the Council sure won’t.

Why is Bloomington doing “Bring It On Bloomington”?  Why are they holding “citizen classes”?  Why is “priority based budgeting” going to be a group of citizens in a room for hours saying how they want money spent?

The Council is immaterial.  The potted plants will pass anything Renner wants, but that’s not good enough.  Renner is activating citizens who think just like him to make YOU think YOU are in the minority.  Renner wants you to believe he has reached a consensus with not only the Council, but all the citizens.

In February 2013 I found stories on-line written by a guy who had attended Camp Obama in Normal in 2008.  Tari Renner was a speaker.  I asked him about it, he told me they wanted him to talk about the Iowa Caucuses.  He left out the details.  Quote from a story:

I also had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Tari Renner from Illinois Wesleyan University. Dr. Renner explained the science of the election process and gave us an outline of what our goals should be as community organizers for Sen. Obama.

Here is a link to the story I did:

Renner is now “Fundamentally Transforming” Bloomington.  The only way to stop him is to change the Council.  I don’t know who is running next year other than Alton Franklin and Sam Kelch.  If Painter and Sage do not have challengers, I will assume Bloomington doesn’t care.

I hope more thought goes into your vote in November.  Being bamboozled again doesn’t feel good.





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