Vetting Tari Renner: Obama

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by Diane Benjamin

You’ve probably seen the picture below.


Barack Obama taught the principles of Saul Alinsky in Chicago. Notice the flow chart indicating the flow of money and power out of productive businesses (“CORP”) and into the political class (“MAYOR”). The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads

“RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

Saul Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” which was dedicated to Lucifer.  He wrote: “From the moment an organizer enters a community, he lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only one thing, and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army”.  The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the revolution.

Why did Obama call for “fundamental transformation”?  Obviously he believes in revolution, the end of capitalism is a goal.  Alinsky tactics were used in both of Obama’s elections.  Community organizing was a means to an end, the end being political power.  McLean County voted for Obama in 2008, we were smarter in 2012.

What does this have to do with Tari Renner?  I’ve heard over and over again that people don’t trust him, but they don’t know why.  Renner has been portrayed as a fiscal conservative while on the County Board.  He portrays himself as being raised a Democrat because his mother was a poor single parent and the Democrats offered more help.  He now says he has voted for people in both parties. Meanwhile, local unions have given him at least $10,000 for his campaign.

But then a picture like this appears:  

Obama was running for the US Senate and Renner was running for the US House when this picture was taken.  Why a left wing Chicago Democrat campaigned for an IWU professor hasn’t been answered by Renner. The only thing he told me is “Obama offered”. (source:

But, is there more to this relationship?

As stated earlier, Obama used a massive community organizing Alinsky technique to win both elections.  He is an expert at forming inspirational messages to motive people to action and then governing differently once elected.  The means to power is what’s important, not following through on the promises.  In 2007 Obama held “Camp Obama” training sessions all over the country.  There was even one in Normal Illinois:

Camp Obama – Normal, IL

By Adam Hitchcock – Sep 29th, 2007

I also had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Tari Renner from Illinois Wesleyan University. Dr. Renner explained the science of the election process and gave us an outline of what our goals should be as community organizers for Sen. Obama.


Original post is still on Facebook:

Another website describes a recruitment letter for Camp Obama:

Exactly what did Obama accomplish in Chicago, other than build an army of radicals?

How can Tari Renner deny he was part of the “fundamental transformation”?  Is getting elected Bloomington Mayor just another means to an end?  I’m sure Renner will say he was asked to speak because of his position at IWU, but Camp Obama wasn’t held just for information.  The goal was to recruit agitators and leaders to elect Barack Obama.  It can not be an accident that he was a speaker at a 2 day event to recruit radicals.

Republicans were shocked in 2008 when formally conservative McLean County went for Obama.  It’s easy to see why.  Tari Renner was community organizing for Team Obama.

If you like Obama and his Alinsky tactics, Tari Renner is your guy.  It can not be dismissed, no matter how Mr. Renner portrays himself as a fiscal conservative, that he is locked into the far left agenda.

Would you elect Barrack Obama Mayor of Bloomington?  No, so why would you vote for Tari Renner?  Mayor of Bloomington is a stepping stone to higher office for Renner.  He has already ran for US Congress once.  The time to stop him is April 6th.

18 thoughts on “Vetting Tari Renner: Obama

  1. It does not matter what or who Diane Benjamin thinks Tari Renner is. Im voting for Renner becuase he is NOT John Hanson and that is all the reason I need.

      1. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and didnt vote at all for President in the general election. I am not going to waste my vote on unelectable LEX and get stuck with Hanson as our Mayor. Renner is the best choice and if you actually knew him or would meet with him you would realize that.

        1. I do know him, I’ve met with him. Obama snowed the low information voters and Renner is doing the same thing. Thanks for not voting in the general. It worked well for the country.

          You voted for Ron Paul and won’t vote for Lex Green. Makes perfect sense.

  2. And there goes the credibility of this blog…
    Posts like this are irresponsible. Young, promising public servants will never want to run for office because they will fear one meeting or one Facebook post will lead to someone automatically pigeonholing them into being “radical.”
    While Renner is not perfect, I listened to the podcast from the Tea Party debate and he and Green were not too far off from one another.
    This town needs something different. For too long it’s had boring leadership with NO outcomes. I agree with “That Girl.” This will be a Hanson/Renner race and the last thing this town needs is another Stockton-esque leader like Hanson.

    1. All opinions welcome! Did Obama campaign on what he really believes? It takes more than speeches and debates to evaluate candidates. A good place to look is who they hang around with.

      1. I think the web staff is spot on! From what I hear Tari and Obama studied together under the auspices of neo-marxism/neo-socialist theory. If I’m correct–which I usually am–when Tari is elected. Obama will call pull Renner’s socialist puppet strings. I know that Bloomington is important, so I do fear Obama’s Machiavelli influence once Renner is elected. On the horizon for Bloomington is a political apocolyptic armagedon never before witnessed. Card carrying members of the Communist party have infiltrated the Presidency and now they are finding the local levels permeable. Soon they will engulf us in a top down approach and euthenize us with state controlled everything. We must cling to our guns so when the day comes we can take back what is rightfully ours and banish the current overreaching ubiquity of the state.

      2. Hang out with? That’s a pretty radical jump there. Further, Lex ran for governor. The above logic suggests Lex is going to use this as a stepping stone.

  3. Renner received $12,000 from local unions, and a $500.00 donation from Judy Markowitz, and Hanson has taken large donations from local developers, so we know they are both tied to special interest. The Markowitz donation bothers me the most…she is the one who pushed through the coliseum, so we know what camp Renner is in. Green is the only candidate who hasn’t taken donations from interests tied economically to the city.

    Green and Renner are complete opposites. Renner is slick, and can say a lot without saying anything at all. He tries to portray himself as a “conservative”, but his background and party affiliations tell us different. You guys need to read between the lines and dig deep to get a good picture of all the candidates. It’s amazing how politicians can fool people into thinking they are something very different than who they are, which can be easily done with sound bites.

    At least Green has the courage to give a comprehensive picture of his positions on his website. Try to find something more than a bullet for Hanson, and Renner’s website is very vague.

    @ that girl…if you supported Ron Paul, then Lex Green is right up your alley. If you think Green is unelectable, think again. We all know that funding can determine the outcome of any race, and as of January, Green raised more money than Hanson, and almost as much as Renner. Maybe you should take some time to educate yourself.

  4. Angela, I didn’t mean Camp Obama, I meant the Bloomington Mayor Markowitz camp. If you recall, the voters voted “NO” to the coliseum, but the council decided to ignore the voters and build it anyway. The problem is that the coliseum still does not bring in enough money to pay for its operating expenses as well as the annual $1.2 million bond obligation.

    I listened to the TEA Party candidate forum, and Renner has already announced he wants to build a hotel in downtown Bloomington to accommodate the coliseum. Of course he said to build it with private funds, but that is what Normal told its residents about the Marriott. It cost them over $7 million in subsidies. As I said, you have to read between the lines.

    Green does NOT believe in passing on our debt on to our children, and wants to pay down the $350 million the city currently needs to pay off their bond and unfunded pension obligations. This does not include the $100+ million that is currently needed to bring our roads and sewers up to date. We are looking at over a ¼ BILLION dollars! The city generates about $140 million in annual revenues, and most of that goes to wages, benefits, utilities…etc…and there is very little discretionary money left.

    If we don’t do something now, then our kids will be paying their own bills, and having to pay for our debt at the same time. I don’t want to place this burden on my children.

    I have been following local issues and attending city council meetings for years, and I know what I am talking about. I know what Hanson’s voting record is all about, and he won’t be getting my support.

    I’ve done my homework…and I am voting for Green.

  5. BTW, I know to people who are good friends with Renner. They told me that they love him dearly and that he is a nice man, but they won’t be voting for him because they know he will spend us into deeper debt.

    1. And I know people who know him as well and they say the opposite. I just think its very dangerous to always say x=y in politics. You need $ to run. Who did Lex get his 10000 check from? So by your logic, I’m going to assume Lex will be at that guy’s beck and call. Hanson has taken money from mostly Snyder and Jesse Smart. Renner from unions, a former mayor, established democrats and established republicans. I just figure it’s best to have an intelligent mayor who will do research before making a decision. Sometimes that decision will lead to spending money and sometimes not. I just think its dangerous for an elected official to go “I do t care if this is good for the city, it will spend a dollar of taxpayers money.” if the research shows that a hotel will actually bring more revenue, why not? There is an empty elks building taking up space in DTB. The area around the coliseum looks like crap. Let’s at least try and make the horror the coliseum is a success.

  6. Another hotel! Bloomington-Normal already has 30 plus hotels, so what makes Renner think we need another? The economy is still suffering, no one is building, so he’s nuts to think another hotel will benefit this community. The unions are supporting Renner because they want jobs, and would love nothing more than to get him into office so that he can spend the tax payer’s dollars. I bet he promised them a hotel if they fund his campaign. If there was a market for a hotel downtown, private developers would have built it a long time ago. It would be great if the Coliseum was successful, but so far, it’s nothing more than a financial drain on the community. It should have been built by private investors.

    Bloomington has empty buildings “taking up space” that look like crap all over town. What do you think the city should do with these properties? Do you think the city should build hotels or something there too? You give these guys an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Take a lesson from Normal. They poured a ton of money into “Uptown Normal” and in the meanwhile accrued a bunch of debt. Now they want to build a grocery store! What the heck! Government has no business selling groceries!! If the grocery store can’t make a profit, then everyone who lives in Normal will be subsidizing someone else’s food bill. That’s just the way it works. Renner is off my short list.

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