Renner Radicals Running Amok

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner is a community organizer.  He was a speaker at Camp Obama in 2007:

After 8 years of a President who didn’t care about laws, the local radicals are outraged a President was elected to end the chaos Obama caused.

See Renner’s picture and comments from last night’s Rally for illegals:

Tari Renner will ask the Council to declare federal laws immaterial by passing a “welcoming” ordinance.  Nobody on the Council will stand up for the rights of citizens who expect laws to be enforced equally.

Round 2 is coming May 9th:

Many of the same people wanting special treatment for illegal immigrants are going to rally for socialized medicine. 

From Facebook:   (Excerpts)

Stand Up for Social Justice – Health Care for All: We Will NOT Be Divided!
They’re trying to rob us of our Healthcare! Pre-existing condition coverage, Medicaid, & no life-time caps are now back on the table.
This is a moral issue: to protect the most vulnerable and to serve the common good.
‘Stand Up for Social Justice’ is a Bloomington-Normal
NON-PARTISAN Coalition. Please LIKE our page and SHARE this post to be sure the word gets out!
Supported by:
* Not in Our Town
* Voices of Reason

I wonder if this group will ask Tari why City employees have Gold-Plated health insurance?

Do these radicals care government employees have fabulous care at their expense?   That’s Social Justice?

Social Justice means wealth redistribution – communism, socialism or what ever failed form of government you want to call it.

I could post many stories of people who have died in countries who have the system these people want, here’s one from Canada:

The socialized medicine in Canada that rations out health care kept Laura for receiving the treatment she needs. Laura’s hospital told her they had about 30 bone marrow matches, but the Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in the high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure and the staff to perform the operation.

Health Insurance is not the same thing as Health Care.  This group is being deceptive.  ObamaCare is failing because insurance companies are withdrawing from the exchanges due to massive losses.  ObamaCare was designed to fail.  Calling this protest non-partisan proves their truth has an agenda.  Illinois took the Federal money to expand Medicare under ObamaCare.  Medicaid now consumes 25% of Illinois’s budget.  Pensions cost another 25%.  Both expenses are growing, soon Illinois will have no money to spend on schools and roads.  Facts matter, Social Justice ignores facts.

Health Care providers can’t provide services based on Medicaid reimbursements.  Calls for Social Justice and Healthcare For All won’t make doctors and hospitals work for peanuts.  The Canadian socialized system cost a teenager her life.  Think the UK has great socialized medicine?  See this article:

Illinois did have a subsidized high risk pool before ObamaCare for people unable to get insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  Hospitals are required by law to provide critical care.  Was the pre-ObamaCare system better?  For MANY Americans it was.

The Social Justice warriors don’t believe in free markets, they demand the same failed systems that Canada and the UK gifted to their citizens.  Socialism always fails, that’s why facts are no longer taught in schools.

Not In Our Town, the YWCA, and the ACLU are disgracing themselves and proving non-partisan is a ploy to disguise who they are.  Voices of Reason is a self-described progressive organization.  Ending capitalism in favor of government control is the ultimate goal.  History doesn’t matter.  The destruction of our free society doesn’t matter.

I bet Tari Renner will be there cheering them on!  Why would anybody send their kid to Illinois Wesleyan University and allow him to indoctrinate their progeny.



3 thoughts on “Renner Radicals Running Amok

  1. Plain and simple…Tari Renner is a Communist thug! And I wish nothing but bad things upon the citizens of BLM who reelected him.

  2. There are no words, at least not any that can be written here…..
    The link to a 2013 blnnews story shows some of the tactics Renner used in this election. Monday’s swearing in ceremony was telling. Renner couldn’t help himself with self-promoting and one more attack on Mr. Lower. It is going to be a difficult 4 years ahead.

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