Controlling Costs is a LIE

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight’s Bloomington Council packet contains this statement on PDF page 4: Now jump to the Bills and Payroll for tonight: PDF page 107 The City if THROWING away money by allowing employees to spike their pensions! This payment of $64,859.95 brings the total to $1,877,252.40 since the law was changed in […]

Gold plated government

By:  Diane Benjamin Some months ago a presentation at a Bloomington City Council meeting talked about the ObamaCare Luxury Tax and how the City might be hit with HIGH penalties.  Some of the aldermen had never heard of it. From this link: The tax has been delayed because people subject to the tax have […]

Indiana Hospital Chain Firing 865 Employees—Can’t Afford ObamaCare

by STEPHEN FRANK ObamaCare, if successful, if going to bring 30 million new people to the health care system.  If successful, hospital and doctors costs will go down—not through efficiencies, but due to lower reimbursements.  And, doctors are quitting the profession since they are unable to afford the mandated digitizing of medical records—which when accomplished will […]

Humanity Lost

by:  Diane Benjamin Government thinks they are capable of making better decisions than citizens.  There is no more obvious example than the take-over of the healthcare industry.  Massive regulations and fees are issued every month by the un-elected, all supposedly to cover the un-insured. Regulations do nothing to promote healthcare for all.   Large providers […]

Vetting Dr Gill again

Today Dr Gill sent out this email: Dear  Today, we started airing our newest ad, entitled “Susan.” Please watch it here.I’m glad my campaign can deliver this important message the day after Mitt Romney told us on national TV that uninsured people don’t need health coverage. Mitt says they can just go to the ER to […]