Indiana Hospital Chain Firing 865 Employees—Can’t Afford ObamaCare


090111-jobs-smObamaCare, if successful, if going to bring 30 million new people to the health care system.  If successful, hospital and doctors costs will go down—not through efficiencies, but due to lower reimbursements.  And, doctors are quitting the profession since they are unable to afford the mandated digitizing of medical records—which when accomplished will also dramatically raise the cost of health care.

But Obama has succeeded in changing health care.  In Indiana one chain of hospitals has started to meet the costs of Barack Obama imitation of English health care, by firing 875 employees.  Watch as 2013 progresses and other hospitals are forced to do the same, doctor retire early and hospitals have fewer beds available for the expanding patient load.

Barack Obama is NOT a failure.  He is succeeding in bringing Third world health care to this nation.

“All hospitals are trying to cut expenses drastically, by as much as 25 percent, in order to prepare for a future they expect to be far more austere than the past. With personnel typically accounting for 60 percent of hospital expenses, staff reductions are an inevitable part of that process.

But St. Vincent’s layoff announcement is the largest single reduction to date among Indiana’s largest hospitals.”

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  1. Why couldn’t the country of seen through this Chicago piece of trash back in 08 so we would not be dealing with this MAJOR disaster!!!

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