Gold plated government

By:  Diane Benjamin

Some months ago a presentation at a Bloomington City Council meeting talked about the ObamaCare Luxury Tax and how the City might be hit with HIGH penalties.  Some of the aldermen had never heard of it.

From this link:

cadillacThe tax has been delayed because people subject to the tax have talked government into stopping it.  It will likely be delayed again if ObamaCare isn’t repealed.

I knew, just because the presenter brought it up, that Bloomington employees had healthcare plans in this category.

2 meetings ago Alderman Fruin made a comment about “some people” think the City plan is gold-plated, “true or not”, so I decided to get the facts.

I did a Freedom of Information Request for non-union healthcare plan summaries.  Non-union plans tend to follow the union plans or employees wouldn’t think it wasn’t fair.  These employees have two plans to pick from.  I received these three documents:

2016 Classified, Fire, Library, 699 PW_PK, Ldg 1000, Fire, Telecom Rates, Township-1

2016 HMO SBC

2016 PPO SBC

From these I created a chart including my plan and one from a reader.  I tried to compare apples to apples.  The two City plans and mine are for more than just the employee, the reader’s plan is just for one person.

healthInsurCompa babyIf your family just got a new baby, did it cost more than $400?


All these items are pretty easy to get information on.  I’d like to add to the data, comment below or email me with what you plan entails.  ([email protected])

Just the first two lines show government employees are getting Gold-Plated benefits.  They also get a pension your employer may have cut years ago.

How did government get out of balance with the private sector?

Past leaders weren’t spending their own money!

11 thoughts on “Gold plated government

  1. Employees have no idea what a great perk employer covered medical insurance is. When an individual, self-emplyeed person pays the premium out of pocket, it is more cost effective to purchase a high deductible plan in order to save on premium costs. Doesn’t the City ( taxpayers) pay for medical coverage for their retirees also? The City provides vision and dental coverage as well through separate indidual insurance policies. Most private companies can’t afford the coverage the city provides. That is why small businesses don’t support the ACA.

  2. Being self-employed, we pay $1600.00 + a month in premiums for a family of 4. This includes an ACA tax (which was guaranteed NOT to happen).

  3. I know my employer doesn’t have a Cadillac plan and every employee has been hit with increased premiums because of the ACA. Someone I know who teaches at Stanford University was screaming about what they were going to get hit with on a penalty. I didn’t have much sympathy.

    Here’s one I about hit the floor on when I heard this one. My friend and I both worked at ISU at one time and left. They recently retired and found out the state of IL now covers him for health insurance. Evidently it was retroactive back to some year in the 1990’s if you were employed. I took a lump sum payout when I left to roll over. Now you wonder why the state is in a financial bind. Then his wife is covered by paying a monthly premium of $100 I believe he told me. What a government gift.

    On another topic who’s betting that the local Macy’s store closes? I tried to search for a closing list but they haven’t released it.

  4. Good observation Marc. Just drive by, and see who all walks out with a MACY’S bag, It’s pretty quiet there. I’d give em a year-tops. Some others’ at Eastland are also way down.

    1. Oh great, the only place in town that sells reasonably priced current fashion styles (not from the previous century) is closing? Not everyone is happy wearing Internet purchased, potato sack fitting styles. Yet another reason to move!

    2. Oh, silly—we now have a new mall named Empire Crossing, which is supported with tax dollars, right across the street from Macy’s. The criminal element who live in the neighborhood to the north of the shopping center now have more targets. Macy’s should get a break from shoplifters.

  5. This article states they will close in early 2017. I don’t look for a confirmed list for a while. It would not surprise me the one here closes.

    I was in there oh about a month or so ago looking for underwear. Good gawd what a mess. Then they wonder why consumers buy online. Why waste your time going to these stores and it isn’t just this one. Chances are they won’t have what you are looking for. When I click that SUBMIT to buy online it’s someone’s problem to find it. Oops and there went Tari’s sales tax cut. I love it!

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