It’s on!

By: Diane Benjamin If you raced to the polls for national elections and proudly wore your I Voted sticker, your vote barely mattered. Your vote does matter in local elections! Many races today will be won by less than 100 votes. Turnout will be the only deciding factor. The elites and socialists are hoping you […]

More info on local candidates:

If you want to hear from the candidates themselves, below are two places to find interviews with questions you would ask. These aren’t interviews with questions the old media asks. POD BN interviewed Ward 5 candidates Patrick Lawler and Nick Becker. They also have two of the 5 Ward 7 candidates: Kelby Cumpston and Mollie […]

Fly on the Wall: Jim Fruin

Flying around I saw quite a sight: Does he think he can rescue Bloomington from a really bad blight? Former Alderman Jim Fruin getting people to sign Petition for office before the deadline. Is it for Alderman or maybe for Mayor Looks like Jim again wants to be a player! Fill us in Jim, don’t […]

Before you believe John Butler:

By: Diane Benjamin John Butler and his lawyers have been telling media John didn’t know his employees were stealing concession money. Evidently he’s such a great guy he agreed to a misdemeanor and paid $450,000 in restitution just because. That of course was after spending who knows how many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on attorneys […]

Update: More Public Building Commission – #3

Robert Porter received both my first and second emails – I received an automated response to my FOIA: By:  Diane Benjamin This is story number 3.  I don’t mind ruffling feathers when requests for information aren’t answered.  The people I emailed in this story still have not responded: All I want is the minutes […]

Update: Ever heard of the Public Building Commission?

Jim Soeldner sent this link to a 2017 Pantagraph story describing the Public Building Commission. Evidently they have been violating the Open Meetings Act for years. By:  Diane Benjamin I bet you thought the County was building the addition to the Law and Justice Center.  Remember when your sales tax was raised to fund […]

Public Comment last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Public comment went over 30 minutes last night.  That set a new precedent for allowing it to go over 30 minutes without a Council vote.  Keep that in mind when Tari doesn’t want to allow all the speakers in the future.  The 30 minute time limit should only apply when someone is […]

Everybody happy!

By:  Diane Benjamin Jim Fruin proved economics is way beyond his abilities last night.  In his farewell statement Jim said he plans to attend Council meetings, but only sit by positive people. Some people are  positive Bloomington needs to keep making ‘progress’. Others are positive we are witnessing the destruction of the jewel Bloomington used […]

Last night’s CIRCUS

By:  Diane Benjamin I will be on Cities 92.9 today at 3:30 with Ben Yount to discuss the future of BlnNews. Now for last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting: Bring in the CLOWNS! Oops, they were already there! Starting at 1:05, and ending 45 minutes later, the Council droned on about spending $300,000 at The […]

Bloomington: Last night’s Council

By:  Diane Benjamin It was a pretty boring meeting except for the guy who probably showed up high and started verbally attacking an alderman.  I say “high” because he has admitted in previous comments to being “high” and the police harassing him for no reason at all.  He has also called himself from Mars.  He […]

Dear Jim Fruin,

(Jim announced last night he is not running for reelection.  Petitions are due 11/21 – info here: Dear Jim, Here’s the problem:  The citizens feel like their government is stalking them like a famished predator. They have good reasons:  Amusement Tax, Utilities tax, Gas Tax, Sales Tax, Garbage fee increases, Liquor fee increases More […]

Kudos Jim Fruin

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Jim Fruin is NOT letting the gold-plated City health insurance issue drop! Normally alderman wring their hands over some injustice and the issue is never addressed again.  Jim is dogging the City to address the health insurance issue without a need for expensive consultants. He even suggested the Mayor ask, during […]

Gold plated government

By:  Diane Benjamin Some months ago a presentation at a Bloomington City Council meeting talked about the ObamaCare Luxury Tax and how the City might be hit with HIGH penalties.  Some of the aldermen had never heard of it. From this link: The tax has been delayed because people subject to the tax have […]

Jim Fruin: Compare Benefits

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s council meeting the City looked at changing health insurance benefits for employees.  Alderman Jim Fruin mentioned the City coverage should be compared to the private sector to see if City benefits are “gold-plated”. The plan for just my husband and myself (through his employer) changed as of July 1st.  […]

Council doesn’t like citizen contact

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is another email I received under the Freedom of Information Act while looking for something else.  It was written by Alderman Jim Fruin. Normal’s elections for council members are At-Large.  That means nobody on the their Council represents citizens, everybody represents the entire town.  It also means the Council members don’t […]

Last night: Committee of the Whole

By:  Diane Benjamin Only the audio of the meeting is available – no video. I think some of the Aldermen were absent, the roll call was hard to hear, so I’m not sure.  Some might have arrived late. The paper reported a straw poll was unanimous in not taxing the video gaming machines.  If all […]

More abuse last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Scott Black was missing last night!  More proof the elected Council representing the voters is just a campaign slogan. I had to laugh during a discussion about the proposed storage facility in south Bloomington and the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Nobody showed up to protest the ZBA approval, even though the meeting […]

Is Schmidt the new City Manager?

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Schmidt was given a few minutes at the end of last night’s meeting to discuss proposed cuts by the Budget Task Force.  She is the one who held her own meeting a few weeks ago and she drove the conversation last night. Tari put the Task Force together, but since the […]

Fruin – conflict of interest? ($750,000) BREAKING NEWS

JIM FRUIN is on the Board of Trustees of Central Catholic! Official Misconduct Jim?     by:  Diane Benjamin h/t JS At Monday’s Council meeting, Jim Fruin spoke extensively on why he shouldn’t recuse himself from the vote to accept $750,000 from the State of Illinois to buy land so Central Catholic could have […]

The Press Release you probably missed

by:  Diane Benjamin First some background: Thousands of kids play soccer in Bloomington-Normal.  They will soon lose their fields on the airport property because the FAA thinks it’s too dangerous.  A group of supporters recently put together a proposal for a new complex on the west side combined with relocating the YMCA to south Bloomington. […]

Fly on the Wall: Another not so smart alderman

From an email sent by Jim Fruin, Bloomington alderman: From: Jim Fruin <[email protected]>  Date: 07/28/2013 8:07 AM (GMT-06:00)  To: ‘David Hales’ <[email protected]>,’Barb Adkins’ <[email protected]>,’City Council and Mayor’ <[email protected]>  Cc: ‘Bobby Kerns’ <[email protected]>,’Alex McElroy’ <[email protected]>,’Craig McBeath’ <[email protected]>,’Kathryn Buydos’ <[email protected]>  Subject: Transparency – section on website  I’d suggest that Campaign contributions be easily accessible on our website. We need to […]