Last night: Committee of the Whole

By:  Diane Benjamin

Only the audio of the meeting is available – no video.

I think some of the Aldermen were absent, the roll call was hard to hear, so I’m not sure.  Some might have arrived late.

The paper reported a straw poll was unanimous in not taxing the video gaming machines.  If all the aldermen  weren’t there, that explains the vote.  I listened to part of the conservation, the city was pulling out the stops to get more money.  Their arguments were poor, so congrats to the aldermen who voted against it.  It was obvious the City was just looking for more easy money.

Maybe the same aldermen should have noticed before they added a 1% Sales Tax that nobody stated what it was for either. (other than 1/4% to the County) It’s now crushing high dollar items sold in Bloomington.  Why would anybody spending $50,000 here on a piece of equipment when the cost is much less just in taxes down the road.

As I thought, the City requested the Illinois Policy Institute re-grade their website transparency.  The transparency award didn’t just happen.

The City Mission statement was discussed again after being dropped for a year.  One piece of audio worth listening to is Jim Fruin.  It shows the fundamental difference in how citizens view their representatives and how the representative thinks once elected.  Hit play, listen for about a minute and let me know your thoughts.




7 thoughts on “Last night: Committee of the Whole

  1. Mission: Represent constituancy by ensuring BMI meets their BASIC NEEDS in fiscally responsible manner. How hard is that?????? Also, Hauman is an idiot.

  2. To Joni Painter your question was, “How do we get people to pay attention?” Answer: First I would suggest that the council pays attention to the people, i.e., fix the roads, quit spending money on studies and outside sources, no coliseum, no hotel, quit raising taxes, etc.

  3. Jim Karch said that as Veteran’s Parkway developed, Regency Drive traffic reduced. Lol, what a revelation Jim. Build a 6 lane two way hi-way and you expected Regency Drive to not reduce? Jim I am laughing my friggin’ but off.

  4. What I heard was that it took a year for a handful of people from the Council, Staff and participants of Bloomington 101 to devise a revision of the Mission and Values statement of the City removing the word “trust” without any input from the community through their representatives. That seems to be standard practice for these elected officials.
    Trust has a direct relationship to transparency. I hope they clearly define the words that are to be incorporated into this Statement before adopting it as policy.

  5. It’s really tough to listen to Scott Black talk. He’s like a mini-me Renner. It is torture. “Cars should not have a monopoly on the road.” says Scott. Actually Scott, stated earlier during the meeting BY LAW automobiles must give bicyclists three foot. Pay attention to the meeting Scott! Funny thing is that any biker that rides close to the line, will not be given an additional three feet from where they ride. How does that improve safety Scott? Once again, council is about to be conned by another sales job with Scotty Black attempting to lead the way.

    Thanks Amelia you just admitted that the idea is to slow cars down. “It’s just a philosophy,,,it’s not a program that we would be signing up for.” she says. Well actually little miss lawyer girl it’s very much a program. No need to vote on a philosophy. FYI Lincoln, Nebraska, 2010 media release states, “Complete Streets programs make sure that streets and roads work for drivers, transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists, as well as for older people, children, and people with disabilities. A core philosophy of the Complete Streets program is that pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities should be able to safely travel along and across any street. Please note the use of program in context with the Complete Streets, lol. ONLY PROBLEM is that when people on bicyles are encouraged to travel the same roads as automobiles, chances are that SAFETY IS COMPROMISED because of the lack of resources and resolve to actually seperate these vehicles. Complete Streets is complete bullshit!

    >>> It’s amazing that council doesn’t pay attention to their own meetings. Can’t blame them though. They are rather boring, and not real smart.

  6. For the life of me, I just DO NOT understand WHY, all these “civic leaders” always have to jump on the latest bandwagon trend! Only to find down the road it was a BAD ideal! Want proof? Read the article in TODAYS Pantagraph about skywalks! and how people start using them, and the “street level” businesses suffer, and Cincinnati has actually tore some out! Isn’t this what Mr Jeff G wants to do with his hotel. So, are we TRYING to get people downtown, or destroy street level business with a NEW hotel and skywalk??

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