Kinzinger: One of the problems

By:  Diane Benjamin

Adam Kinzinger was on WJBC yesterday:

Start listening at 12:30.

He doesn’t understand the anger voters have against their representatives.  He thinks we can all be nice and sit down to Thanksgiving dinner together.  One of his best friends in DC is a California liberal, just a nice guy.


  • The GOP ran for office on defunding Obamacare – Nothing from the GOP
  • Health insurance costs and deductibles continue to skyrocket – Nothing from the GOP
  • Businesses can’t grow because Obamacare is un-affordable – crickets from the GOP
  • The EPA is adding massive costs to the economy – The GOP is letting the courts handle it
  • Obama signs illegal executive orders – The GOP is letting the courts handle it
  • Obama is importing thousands of un-vetted people from areas vowing to attack us – the GOP does nothing
  • Federal debt is destroying the future as required interest payments continue to rise, much of the debt was adding with the GOP in charge of the purse
  • No one at the IRS has been held accountable for targeting conservatives
  • No one in government has been held accountable for Benghazi
  • The Democrat candidate for president would be in jail if she was anybody other than Hillary
  • The Department of Justice doesn’t believe in justice for all
  • Illegal aliens continue to pour over the border
  • Obama continues to release violent criminals and illegal aliens from jail
  • Obama continues to release violent extremists from Gitmo in hopes of closing the prison
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has invaded the Federal government to stop investigations of Muslim extremists
  • H1-B visas are handed out like candy so companies can get cheaper labor from other countries

That’s the SHORT list of why Americans are angry.

Adam Kinzinger thinks everything is fine with the exception of Donald Trump.

Adam Kinzinger is WHY people voted for Donald Trump.

Go back to flying planes Adam.  The GOP got the House in 2010 (including you) to stop Obama.

The GOP got the Senate in 2014 to stop Obama.

The GOP failed.  You failed.

American citizens are paying the price for your failures and those of the GOP.

Trump isn’t the answer, but nothing the GOP is or has done is helping either.

When the history of America’s downfall is written, Adam Kinzinger will take a prominent place as an example of why it happened.


This read didn’t take long:

quickI wish they responded to the American people with the same speed!


TWICE in one day!  Think they are learning anything?


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22 thoughts on “Kinzinger: One of the problems

  1. I was in attendance during a reception at State Farm (Home Office) several years ago during the budget battle. He acknowledged me to the audience as I am an acquaintance. When the Q&A time came I raised my hand to ask him questions. The first question was a fastball down the middle which he hit out of the park, as expected. The second question was how can he profess to be “fighting” to balance the budget when there are wealthy interests receiving significant kickbacks from the Department of Agriculture in the form of farm subsidies (I know, here in Central Illinois that is NOT a popular subject). He played a fantastic middle-school game of dodge ball to that question and never answered it. I really didn’t expect him to provide a substantive answer anyway.

    1. I find it odd that it is okay for a business to take millions every year, ( big oil, railroads, Amtrak, and last but not least, personal Income Tax deductions,) but when individual farmers do it and it is legal, by the way, you come at them like vigilantes going to a hanging.

  2. Like many before him, today, and more to follow, Kinzinger ran a promised campaign with deceitful intentions. It didn’t take him long at all to show his true colors.

  3. “He thinks we can all be nice and sit down to Thanksgiving dinner together.” Being nice and sitting down together is how Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill got stuff done. And there’s zero wrong with a conservative having a liberal friend. If there were more of that, we probably wouldn’t be in the state we are today.

    1. One problem: Reagan didn’t give away the entire store – he frequently won because he took his case to the American people. The GOP has won zip and don’t even have a case to bring to the people.

  4. You had me until you started sliding off the rails with national security.
    The Muslim Brotherhood rumor was pushed by Michele Bachman,Frank Gaffney and conservative pundits.
    Never knew Obama was releasing violent criminals and illegal aliens. I thought judges were responsible for that. Same with Gitmo. There are only 7 who are facing formal charges. Essentially we are housing people because we don’t know what to do with them.
    Three people in high level positions resigned as a result of the IRS investigation. Not sure who else you want accountable.
    Recidivism comes with the territory. We want to eliminate it, we need more money to build more prisons.

  5. Not one thing on your list is true Diane. The sad fact is you believe that your very minority opinion (under 12%) should be the law of the land.

    Elect Senators and a President. Until then your Republicans are self destructing because of people like you.

    Government cannot function when there is no compromise.


  6. Poor Adam, sorry to say he hasn’t gotten the magazine spread coverage like Aaron got. I call him the pretty boy because he has nothing else to offer. He’s just another RINO falling in line with the others. Adam, is another reason for having term limits for failures.

  7. Diane, I have had the displeasure of reading a good deal your off the wall articles, including one in which you claimed that a teacher at Normal Community was teaching communism without any evidence.

    As a fellow Republican I suggest that you not target individuals for events and situations out of their control as an individual. And in case you are not aware, Congressmen are on committees and can not control what goes on in other committees that they are not on. For example Rep. Kinzinger is on the Energy and Commerce committee, so he does not have any say in what happens in the Judiciary committee that deals with issues related to law and immigration, along with a few other issues.

    And while you are researching what Rep. Kinzinger can do and cannot be held individually accountable for you can also look up who your Representative is (HINT: it’s not Kinzinger because he does not have any of McLean county in his district) and let them know how you feel. Rep. Kinzinger does not represent you or McLean county, he represents the 16th congressional district of Illinois. And the 16th district can elect whom ever they feel will best represent them on the national stage. That is how our government is designed and that is how it functions. No one cares what you think of someone else’s congressman, because your opinion is irrelevant to those who do not represent you.

    For all the writing you do and the research you claim to do it might behoove you to actually understand the subject, instead of finding a few clips from Google or going off of what some nobody has told you.

    1. Find the article about Normal Community, I don’t remember writing anything like that.

      Next, it’s an insult to call me a fellow Republican. I am not, haven’t been for a long time.

      Kinzinger was here and did a local interview. I know a lot of people in his district that will be reading the story. They are deeply disappointed in him, especially the access them have to talk to him. Since he isn’t a member of the Freedom Caucus, I have no reason to believe the Constitution is what drives his decisions. He is the next John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, or Jeb Bush. People here that pay attention and those in his district know that. The GOP hands him tons of money to get reelected, so he is a lifer in DC. Why would they do that when the GOP obviously doesn’t care what citizens think? Think he totally agrees with the establishment?

    2. I searched my site for Normal Community. I didn’t find a single story about a teacher giving communism lessons. I might have called the Town of Normal communists, but that’s pretty obvious.

      1. Well that is exceedingly convenient that you do not remember that article. Although you did delete it within 24 hours due to an overwhelming amount of comments from myself and others calling for evidence that you could not produce.

        Next, just because a congressional member is not a part of the Freedom Caucus does not mean that they do not put the Constitution at the center of their ideology. And to add I understand that he did an interview with WJBC, that still does not mean that he represents you. And as for the disappointment of your friends in Kinzinger’s district they can fell that way, as can you; however, that does not justify putting the blame on Kinzinger for the actions of the government on the whole.
        By the you’re not a Republican? That sounds odd considering your involvement with the Flynn campaign a year ago, and yes I remember speaking to you on multiple occasions while I was working with the campaign.

        P.s. the GOP doesn’t need to give him a dime when he is running unopposed.

      2. You have quite the selective memory Diane. You published the article around December of 2014. Will is right. You deleted it within 24 hours because you’re a coward and couldn’t stand the onslaught of criticism you were justly receiving because you couldn’t produce a shred of proof. This teacher’s husband is a good friend of mine. I know his wife and they are amazing and wonderful people. You accused her of treason and being a communist as you do to anybody who disagrees with your bat s**t values. You’re a spin-zone, lying, crazy cat lady, con artist with no integrity or intelligence what so ever. Keep lying to the people of Bloomington-Normal because we’ve had enough. That’s why you get your butt kicked by voters for every office you run for in McLean County

    3. Interesting this was posted at 17:41 which is the same time someone from the US House of Representatives viewed the article. Is “Will” actually Adam or a member of his staff?

  8. Loved your article about Adam Kinzinger and the GOP. Since he’s good looking, he easily slid into the space vacated by Aaron Schock. He is the “go-to” guy for the media but he has been a huge disappointment in policy……just another Mark Kirk.

  9. Excellent editorial Diane and Kinzinger really pisses me off for several reasons. He used his time in the service to run on a platform as a young conservative patriot. Then like so many, as soon as he wins a seat his real intentions are revealed. I am so sick and damn tired of being hornswaggled by these country club republicans who claim conservatism until they get into office, only to flip the script. Kinzinger especially pushes my buttons because he makes it crystal clear his career choice is not so much politics but as a paid pundit on a cable news channel. You were dead on target when you said elected candidates such as Kinzinger ARE the reason people have had it. Once again, great job on a concise and cogent editorial.

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