In honor of Tari’s Transparency award:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight’s Committee of Whole meeting starts at 5:30 – not the normal 7:00 pm.

A transparency award is scheduled to be presented by the Illinois Policy Institute.  It’s a WEBSITE transparency award, not a general transparency award.

Transparency is much more than a website!  It’s not meeting in secret and violating the Open Meetings Act as well as not scheming behind taxpayer’s backs for things like a downtown hotel.


Did the Council even knew Lisa Madigan’s office investigated the Coliseum for Disability violations?  Lisa Madigan – Coliseum

Lisa can’t find corrupt public politicians to prosecute or time to rule on Requests for Review, but she can find incorrect signage in bathrooms and benches that aren’t the right size in locker rooms!  Celebrate now!

Note:  Madigan’s letter is addressed to Sorling Northup, the Springfield law firm getting huge taxpayer bucks every month.  The 18 page report above list 18 violations with 17 corrected.  I wonder what that cost taxpayers!  Tari?  Mayor Transparency?

Tonight the Council will also discuss the new Coliseum managers – Venue Works.  I found this funny:

venueworksMaybe David Hales is actually going to do his job now!  Oversee operations?  The old contract said he could review anything he wanted, he just never did.  Hence my lawsuit.

I’ve cancelled settlement talks, on to court!






7 thoughts on “In honor of Tari’s Transparency award:

  1. How about we give him the “Big Turd” award, symbolizing his crappy attitude towards the citizens he supposedly represents. Perhaps someone out in the country can find us a big pile of cow turds that we can put on a platter for him.


  2. Hales is the most blatant waste of OUR tax money I think I can recall in this town. He’s ineffectual, unmotivated and uncaring of WHAT the local citizens want, he’s just there for the “chow and the $$$$!


  3. Who designed/built the Coliseum that didn’t know these complicated but valuable ADA requirements? City inspectors helped me all along the way to comply at IBC. MUCH easier early!


    1. “Valuable” ADA requirements if you think the government should be able to dictate the height of your countertop. Some of us see that as a loathsome and Un-American overreach.


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