Back in Court this morning

By:  Diane Benjamin

This hearing was scheduled by the lawyers for CIAM.  They wanted further settlement talks.

Instead I filed an Amended Motion that has little resemblance to what I have filed previously.  Yes, I met with a lawyer last week who explained what the judge was looking for in words I could understand.  I hand delivered copied to the City and CIAM attorneys.

I refused to consider settling the case because the documents CIAM was willing to give me had information redacted that made it impossible to determine if taxpayers received their share under the terms of the contract.

In addition, I informed the court, city attorney, and CIAM’s attorneys that yesterday I filed another FOIA for all concession reports from 2013 and 2015 (2014 is the lawsuit).  The contract required CIAM to preserve records for three years.

CIAM’s lawyers made a veiled threat to sue me to recover attorney fees is the judge rules against me.  If John Butler is tired of paying legal expenses, he should tell his guys to only send one attorney to court instead of two.

Next court date is July 21st, 1:15.  Unless something changes in the meantime.


(If you are a new reader, CIAM is Central Illinois Arena Management.  The are the former managers of the Coliseum)


6 thoughts on “Back in Court this morning

  1. The city should give you a percentage of what you are collecting for them. I am thinking this is going to be a pretty big check when it is all done.

  2. Bullies want settlements that leave them blameless. Bullies threaten revenge if someone wants to hold them accountable. CIAM needs to admit their error, accept any consequences and move on.

    1. Bullies like Lyin’ Diane Benjamin who makes baseless accusations against NCHS teachers she’s never met. Quit lying Diane. You remember about the article. Publicly apologize to the teacher or else the voters of McLean County will know that you lie about not remembering what you blogged about.

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