Bloomington: ANOTHER Consultant

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently the Bloomington City Council is now acting like Congress.  Do nothing, can’t make decisions, and they need guidance.  They must not trust their own opinions.

I received the following email yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act.  I knew that many “secret” meetings (Executive Sessions) had been held to considering David Hales employment,  “personnel” was listed as the reason on many.

It turns out they hired a consultant to walk them through evaluating David Hales!  I wonder if the Delphi method was deployed to manipulate the Council into the answer Renner wanted?  In the old days they just wrote up what they thought and then they discussed it!

From 5/23/16 Bills and Payroll:



I hope this company did more than this for $9,020.00.  Tari, tell us again how you aren’t doing anything different and the budget increases aren’t your fault.  VERY transparent of you.


7 thoughts on “Bloomington: ANOTHER Consultant

  1. What a (bad) joke! Anyone on council that feels as though they cannot evaluate someone that they employ by (pretending) being representatives for the people who elected them and are residents of this city, should immediately resign their positions as a council member.


  2. So, she thought they all played well together. She then summarized what she had observed in the meeting. She and Tari passed the comments on to David. Why did the council need to pay her $9,020 tax dollars for that? Any one of us could have done that for much less money or free. What did she accomplish? We are still stuck with “David” do nothing.


  3. I’m in the wrong freakin’ business if that’s worth $9,000! What a waste of money. Anyone who watches 6 weeks of City Council meetings knows instantly this guy is not worth a dime, and should have been fired long ago.
    Here’s the real problem though. When he is finally gone, they have set a precedent for the insane salary they are paying this dufus.


    1. The Council has set a precedent associated with % of salary increase for all other current employees of the city. That is why the Mayor claims the cost of running the city is increasing at the pace it is.


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