Is Jim Fruin violating the Code of Conduct?

Link to the Code of Conduct:

Jim Fruin evidently is trying a new career.  This ad was in last Friday’s newspaper.  It specifically says he has been an alderman  in Bloomington for 14 years.

According to the code, which he either wrote or assisted in writing:

Council members should only use their title when conducting official City business, for information purposes, or as an indication of background and expertise, carefully considering whether they are exceeding or appearing to exceed their authority.

Is he trying to say his position on the council makes him qualified to sell real estate?  Or, is he trying to say people buying from him will benefit because of his connections?

As long as you a reading the Code of Conduct, consider this line:  Council members should strive to treat all issues raised before them in a fair and equitable manner.

Numerous citizens have requested the UN Flag be removed, but to date there has been no open discussion, just emails between members.  Is that fair and equitable?  Seems like an on-the- record vote is required before the label Fair and Equitable would apply.  That brings up another line in the code: Council decisions should be fair, objective, made in public, and fully communicated.  What part of transparency are you practicing council?

Can somebody explain why Bloomington has a  code a conduct?  It doesn’t seem to be used.

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  1. Great points! Also, notice how artfully they swept under the rug the Asst. Police Chiefs incident when the light pole jumped out in front of his car on Veterans Parkway and the Asst. Chief had to drive home to report the accident while under the influence of his favorite adult beverages. City Manager Hales ability to make things disappear is on par with David Copperfield.

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