Guess what!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Creativity Center isn’t ADA compliant!  Lisa Madigan will target them next, and thanks to the Bloomington City Council you will be on the hook for that building too!

The below is from the minutes of the 10/24/16 meeting in the packet for approval Monday night:   See PDF page 34.

Joni Painter recused herself from the vote.  Alderman Lower and Sage voted against putting the City on the hook for Long-Term Maintenance of the facility, but the rest cheered:

ccSee this story I did after the meeting:

cc2Remember the Ayes votes at the next election, more than one will be on the ballot.  They mortgaged your future for a building most of you will never use.  (Mwilambwe, Black, Hauman, and maybe Fruin will run for Mayor)

The Privately Funded Renovations are for the roof and HVAC.  ADA compliance isn’t mentioned in the October meeting documentation.

I bet Hales knew all along but chose to say nothing.  Surprises are so much for fun!  (Especially when he is gone!)





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