Miscellaneous stuff

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Year End for the City of Bloomington and the Coliseum was APRIL 30, 2016.

More than 6 months ago!

The financial statements for both are still not available.  Any private sector business wouldn’t tolerate this behavior.  Last year the financial statements were presented to the Council at the first meeting in November.  This year is even later – they aren’t on Monday’s agenda.


Keith Urban has a concert at the Coliseum this weekend.  It was booked a long time ago by CIAM, not VenuWorks.  The naming rights have still not been sold by VenuWorks.  Previous reports for concession sales showed LONG lines.  If you attend, please let me know how it goes.


I think those “Buy Local” radio ads are being paid for by the Chamber of Commerce.  It took some looking, but the ads refer to this site:  http://makeyourmoneymeanmore.com/faq/marketing-materials/

Keep you day job Tari.


More will be coming about Monday’s Council meeting – sometime this weekend.

Let the tax levy games begin!






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