Lies make government worse

By:  Diane Benjamin

Instead of prosecuting corrupt Illinois officials, Attorney General Lisa Madigan (daughter of the guy destroying Illinois – Mike Madigan) went after the Coliseum for not being ADA compliant.

Monday night the Council will be asked to approve spending $120,270 just to design and oversee construction of an elevator at the Coliseum.


From PDF page 205:

The Coliseum wasn’t built for concerts? Somebody just decided having concerts would be nice? Seriously?

What did former Mayor Judy Markowitz say in 2005?

“The city council and I committed the city to development and funding for two major downtown projects: in the south end of our downtown, the Arena, with two same-size sheets of ice under one roof and seating for 7,500 for concerts and events. . .”

Before the Coliseum opened Markowitz knew concerts would be held there, but nobody else did?  Is it necessary to once again mislead the people forced to pay for this colossal failure?

The citizens know it was a mistake to build the Coliseum.

The citizens know it was a mistake to not manage the managers of the Coliseum.

Lying about why an elevator now has to be added doesn’t make the City of Bloomington look like anything but corrupt.

Elections early next year!

This is just more proof that government isn’t capable of doing “big plans”.

They knew this building had ADA problems from the beginning!



  1. The manipulation of facts through omission is a common occurrence in the Council meeting packets. People have short memories and rarely do their own research.


  2. This is B.S.!! I helped a friend do the ADA signs at the elevators, etc when the place FIRST opened. They are ADA compliant. WHAT else do they need??? IF they have ADA bathrooms, ramps, elevator, etc, there’s NO problem. Lisa needs a lobotomy!


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