Happy Veterans day Dad

A blessed Veterans Day to all the Vets who served to protect our Country

(especially my Dad)

Thanks for your service!

It almost fits!

3 thoughts on “Happy Veterans day Dad

  1. Good looking man!! You are blessed to have him. Very blessed to have dad.

    I lost my dad 4 years ago. I sure miss him. He served in Sicily on the beaches in the army in world war 2. His favorite song was silent night. He heard it on the ship going to war. Bing Crosby had released it. He said it made him remember home. He cried he said. He never talked about the battles at home ever, but it wasn’t until my husband he confided in very late in his life and it was brutal we found out. He tried to protect me and Mom I guess. Bob served in the navy and I guess he felt comfortable with talking to him.

    Treasure the moments Diane and write everything down. Cherish it. Tape him for your family for generations to hear him. God bless your father and please thank him from our home to yours for serving and at no time is he and the others forgotten in our home.

    Bob has circled the globe twice serving and cayla served in Afghanistan on the front lines on the border once almost getting killed with a bomb coming into their base. The only thing that saved her they said was the concrete building at the px. She will tell that I saved her life for if she hadn’t went back in the building to get a birthday card for me, because at that moment she remembered my birthday was coming up, they say from where they was standing prior would have killed her and the others. She had a concussion and it did damage but after the sirens went off and they ran out to take cover she got treated. That building was concrete bomb proof. Gods grace was watching her.

    They both will tell all they meet, of everywhere they’ve been and seen around the world , there is no place like the United States and to treasure your freedoms here at home that we have in this great nation. They will tell for all those who have never been out of our borders don’t realize, and those who hate talk our country and want to change it, take it for granted. they don’t realize the freedoms they have and to appreciate our founders and our constitutional freedoms because we are a nation of laws and freedoms. We can walk the streets free and be safe. Our country is blessed to be free.

    U know Those that protest and burn our streets are fools. They have not seen what your dad and my family has seen and experienced. We fly our flag for him today and all the veterans who we honor today and everyday. Please thank him from us.

    Have a blessed thanksgiving

    Hugs Angela and Bob Comens family.

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  2. A BIG THANK YOU to ALL veterans, alive or passed who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, so that we may remain a free nation. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


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