Jim Fruin: Compare Benefits

By:  Diane Benjamin

At last Monday’s council meeting the City looked at changing health insurance benefits for employees.  Alderman Jim Fruin mentioned the City coverage should be compared to the private sector to see if City benefits are “gold-plated”.

The plan for just my husband and myself (through his employer) changed as of July 1st.  For just medical, $260.25 is taken out of his check every two weeks.  How much do City employees pay?

The complete plan is outlined below.  Primary Care office visits are $40, they used to be $20.  The killer is Specialty Care – $65 every time you walk in the office.  For chronic problems that adds up fast.

Jim:  Let’s hear how City coverage compares.

I’d love to hear about readers plans too.  (click to enlarge)




5 thoughts on “Jim Fruin: Compare Benefits

  1. Your coverage seems pretty good. I have coverage with a BC/BS-PPO policy. My monthly premiums are about the same but do not include dental, vision or prescription drugs. The annual deductible is comparable. Once deductible is met, my insurance pays 80%. One wellness visit per calendar year with an Internist, Pediatrician or GYN is 100% covered. Annual preventative measures like immunization, routine blood screening, colonoscopy and reproductive cancer screening are also 100% covered. Mental Health coverage is at 50%.


      1. Does your husband’s employer pay for the cost of the premium over and above what you pay? I don’t think the city employees pay any part of their premiums at this point. I may be wrong.


      2. Part of his is subsidized, just mine adds a lot to the cost. I did a FOIA for non-union employees – their plan and what they pay. If their plan was supposed to be subject to the gold plated tax, it’s nothing like my plan.


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