Fly on the Wall: Another not so smart alderman

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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From an email sent by Jim Fruin, Bloomington alderman:

From: Jim Fruin <[email protected]
Date: 07/28/2013 8:07 AM (GMT-06:00) 
To: ‘David Hales’ <[email protected]>,’Barb Adkins’ <[email protected]>,’City Council and Mayor’ <[email protected]
Cc: ‘Bobby Kerns’ <[email protected]>,’Alex McElroy’ <[email protected]>,’Craig McBeath’ <[email protected]>,’Kathryn Buydos’ <[email protected]
Subject: Transparency – section on website 
I’d suggest that Campaign contributions be easily accessible on our website. We need to walk the talk. jim

Jim Fruin

(309) 662-1197 (H)

(309) 824-2628 (T)

ONE community without neighborhood boundary lines

Jim has never run a campaign because he has always been un-opposed.  Is he worried about 2015?  Is he wanting to expose citizens who may want the other not-so-smart members off the council?

Jim, Jim.  There already is a website.  There are rules for campaign contributions and disclosures.  Most people would think somebody in politics would already know that!  Since you don’t, here’s the link:

A better suggestions:  How about listing on the website how much the city spends on studies by outside vendors?  How about the entire city checkbook be made available on-line?  Too much transparency?

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