More info on local candidates:

If you want to hear from the candidates themselves, below are two places to find interviews with questions you would ask. These aren’t interviews with questions the old media asks.

POD BN interviewed Ward 5 candidates Patrick Lawler and Nick Becker. They also have two of the 5 Ward 7 candidates: Kelby Cumpston and Mollie Ward.

Steve Suess also has candidate interviews from his Saturday 5-7pm show:

Which ones to listen to:

Both sites will likely continue doing candidate interviews, so check back to their websites.


I’m tortured enough listening to meetings, I don’t plan to listen to the above. Voters need to inform themselves anyway, not believe what others report.

If you listen and hear something interesting you can let me know where to listen!

14 thoughts on “More info on local candidates:

  1. I’m not confident that there are any rational, level-headed, average citizens who want to endure holding public office in Bloomington. You would be forced to deal with the lecturing and virtue signaling of Jenn and Jeff, and the establishment players that don’t want to disrupt the status quo or stop the gravy train, while the important issues like diversifying the tax base and maintaining basic government services are ignored and even marginalized. Who wants to deal with that after a long day of work, family, and life in general. Hope I’m wrong and there’s a hidden gem in this bunch. Overall, it’s sad to see Bloomington continuing its steady decline, while the City Council debates holidays and symbolic ordinances and throws more money down the Connect Transit and Downtown rat hole.

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    1. A simple majority of common sense council members could get the city back to basics. Vote for Nick (Ward 5), Sheila (Ward 3), Tom (Ward 9) and Mboka for Mayor. Ward 7 is primarily liberal, but those supported by One Peoples Campaign are puppets of Jenn (Ward 6), Jeff (Ward 8), and Julie (Ward 4) It’s your choice…choose wisely!

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      1. Jim Fruin is a re-tread, Chamber good-ol’-boy. If nothing else, Tom has a fresh perspective without ties the established elites.


  2. That’s OK by me! I’d just say “Reverse the favor” and send THEM to re-education camps, I believe they are called GULAGS in the old country, and they’d come out REAL GOOD SOCIALISTS or DEAD!
    There was a REASON for the BERLIN WALL and it wasn’t to collect tolls..


  3. This is all for naught if the voting machines are still set to cheat.
    You think it was just in the “swing states” in November? Surprise.
    And they are/were set to alter votes if they are Dominion, Diebolt, or practically any other computer-run system.
    Look up “Operation Scorecard” and get an education.

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  4. From McLean County Government website:
    **Reminder: McLean County has two Election Authorities. Our office handles all but City of Bloomington. View the Bloomington Election Commission’s Website.**


  5. “Socialism is, among other things, the political habitat of low self-esteem, incompetence, self-loathing, and a willingness to steal – or have stolen for you what you are unable or unwilling to work for. Socialism is a philosophy fit only for slugs, leaches, and mosquitoes.”
    – L. Neil Smith

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  6. I’m not a fan of that Lawler guy but I think Nick Becker needs to do a better job of getting out there on the issues. I’m not sure what he would do for us as a city. At least I know where Lawler stands on the issues at this point.


    1. Nick is a family man with a background in business. He has solid values and common sense. Lawler regurgitates what Jenn feeds him. Lawler is a follower, not a leader and has not one original thought.


  7. McMillan stated something along the lines of Kathleen Lorenz being the Council Member he is most in line with…she has worked with and helped him. So that alone would be a NO vote for me.

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