Well, this is disgusting

By: Diane Benjamin

Click this link: https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/1531/Consolidated-Candidates

What you will see is every candidate that will be on the April 6th ballot outside of Bloomington.

MOST of the races aren’t contested!

These people have no problem raising your taxes and fees, congrats citizens. Evidently you don’t care enough to run for office yourself or find a good candidate to run.

Normal Township:

Sarah Grammer successfully got her opponent thrown off the ballot today. She also got long term trustee Ray Roop thrown off.

The GOP can’t seem to file the right paperwork – both forgot to file a Statement of Economic Interest with their papers. Both had that form on file with the County Clerk, but that wasn’t good enough.

Grammer had to appeal to a higher court since she lost the first challenge. That court ruled in her favor. She hired a lawyer from Springfield to handle both appeals. I wonder who paid him? Sarah? Sarah?

Democrats are that desperate to take over McLean County.

Republicans are doing the best they can to help them.

No wonder local elections have a TINY turnout. Nobody cares.

3 thoughts on “Well, this is disgusting

  1. Well, Sarah has deep pockets. Could be from the local Democrats or through her husband’s 6 figure income as an employee of the City of Bloomington’s Economic Development Department.

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  2. The Democrats aren’t desperate, they’ve walked while the local GOP sat asleep at the switch. Shawna won in a landslide to a sleepy candidate that didn’t campaign. Then Jenn and Jeff won after telling voters exactly who they are and what they stand for. It’s been an easy takeover of McLean County from red to dark, dark blue.

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