Proof of Who NOT to Vote For

By: Diane Benjamin

If the citizens of Bloomington do not show up to vote, the Council will be dominated by Jenn Carrillo. She already thinks she runs the agenda:

Below is what the socialist agenda will be:

Identity Politics

LGBTQ politics

Class warfare

Wealth redistribution

The April 6th winners will be on the Council for 4 years. Your government’s essential services will be shelved for socialist progressive ideas.

Refer back to what Jenn considers accomplishments.

Jenn did give people access to cannabis, but keep in mind she wanted pot bars. I’m sure with socialists in charge of the Council she will push for them again. After all it isn’t fair consumers have no place to partake in this legal product when landlords don’t allow smoking. Meanwhile, the State promise of equity for populations adversely affected by prosecutions has turned into corporations getting rich from her buddies money. Nice job Jenn.

Jenn didn’t give more power to the Public Safety and Community Relations Board. It is still advisory and is not a Civilian Review Board Jenn. That Board has no power except reviewing procedures and recommending changes. The professional police don’t have to listen or change anything based on what they say. I guarantee they will be a target of the “I hate police” socialists.

What are the things the community desperately needs Jenn?

Gunderson wants a “welcoming and inclusive” city. That’s specific!

Look at the Facebook pages of Jenn’s team. No issues, lots of campaigning and asking for money, matching Facemasks to buy, but no substance.

They will only announce what the “community desperately needs” after they get elected.

When turnout for this election will likely be less than 20% of registered voters, just like Jenn – these people can waltz into power. Unless you are planning to leave, what are you doing about it?

Start by sharing this story with your friends and neighbors.

11 thoughts on “Proof of Who NOT to Vote For

  1. Could someone, including Jenn if she so desires, explain to me why and when the role of government went from governing to spending all your their time being concerned about race, gender, class, and ability? Infrastructure is crumbling. Both local city governments are more concerned with compliance than they are with the state of the local economy. But it’s minorities and women who are most affected. Tell me why a bus transfer station is so damned important when CT loses $1,000,000 PER MONTH? Don’t worry about making the BCPA or the Coliseum profitable and worth some sort of return on investment for the people of Bloomington. Nah. Who cares about that? A Welcoming Ordinance to welcome ILLEGAL immigrants is more important than people who already live here and pay taxes here.

    Oh, and Jenn, if you read this, tell your boy Sonny I said, “I’d still rather be dead than red.”

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  2. And more proof that Jennifer Carrillo lives rent free in you head. You’re incredibly obsessed with Ms Carrillo, please seek a mental health professional. You, also seem very fixated on race, sexual orientation to the extent that you comb through people’s Facebook postings to get to the object of you manufactured outrage and your hypocritical pearl clutching.


  3. Santoris, since you PRESUMABLY live here in the U.S. now, it would be good of you to LEARN the PROPER use of the language, such as punctuation and proper grammar..It will make it MUCH easier for people to figure out your grievances!

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  4. It’s probably not a bad idea to have one of these extremists on the council, just to let everyone know who and what they stand for. Obviously, I would hope that the local voters wouldn’t let them get anywhere close to a majority. It does give these extremists publicity to those that may think they don’t exist locally.


      1. They are, I’m simply saying having one (only one) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The same would go for the opposite end of the political spectrum.


  5. Rent free?? You can’t get away from her!! And the only reason anyone is “fixated” on gender, race, etc. is because numbskulls FORCE you to care by brow beating you to death with these concepts. Leftist cretins have LEGISLATED us to be “fixated” on these things. Affirmative Action anyone? But keep acting like we’re weirdos for pointing it out.

    For the record, I don’t bother anyone and I expect the same in return. One of my mottos is “Leave me the hell alone.” And that includes the government. As soon as weirdos like Jenn and Santoris stop shoving that shit in my face, maybe I might be bothered to care a little bit. Otherwise, see my motto above. It’s pretty easy to understand.

    P.S. – I noticed Santoris didn’t even attempt an answer at any of my questions. Ad hominem attacks are so much easier, aren’t they? I guess they are when you have nothing of value to say.

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  6. Jenn is a self-absorbed, delusional narcissist. The State of Illinois legalized cannabis. The Federal government provided financial relief (stimulus), not her. Her only success is dishonesty as evidenced by her FB post. Engaging with liars & bullies is a waste of energy.

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  7. None of these communists will be holding any office in this town.
    Why? Have you been paying attention?
    And I will make a prediction that Jenn and Jeff will be resigning their offices before the next election.
    (Jamie Mathy and Mollie Ward likely will do the same.)


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