Ward 9, probably no good choices

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m no fan of Jim Fruin but I’m not a fan of his opponent either.

This story recaps a lot of what Jim Fruin did while he was on the Council: https://blnnews.com/2016/10/03/who-voted-for-taris-nonsense/

Jim was on the Council that ignored audit calls for Coliseum Concessions and he was on the Council when Tari exploded the budget and passed many tax increases. Jim didn’t vote for the Utilities Tax increase, but he did vote for many other increases – including the new Motor Fuel Tax that didn’t exist before that vote. Now only that money can be used for roads, your other taxes weren’t lowered. The money you already paid was just diverted to other spending.

The other guy running is Tom Crumpler. A reader sent me a summary of things he claimed at an open meeting. He thinks Fruin served back in the 90’s. No, he was 4 years ago too before Kim Bray.

Fruin was endorsed by Responsible Cities PAC. That means status quo guy. Before you jump to Crumpler you need some facts.

His wife is Kay Moss, I hear she is campaigning for her husband. She runs a PAC called Illinois for Progress. “Progress” is code for we decide – you pay. Progress to what is never defined, although the description says “social progress”. (It should be easy to guess what that means)

Responsible Cities PAC must have had a difficult time with the Ward 9 endorsement. A lady named Sally Pancrazio is listed as co-chair. She also chairs Crumpler’s campaign. The PAC picked Fruin. Maybe Sally can explain why.

Sally also chairs Illinois for Progress. Confused yet?

Crumpler’s donations:

These are his only donors, no grassroot support here. I need some help readers – who knows Raymond Colletti?

Jill Blair lost to Keith Sommer for District 88. The red flag is Robert Garcia, self defined antifa. Robert is all in on Revolution and Black Lives Matter. He thought Trump was a fascist, I wonder what he thinks of Biden’s 52 executive orders in 20 days. $500.00 is a big donation unless it is to a like minded candidate who agrees with your ideology.

Notice yet you have no good choices?

There is a lot more to discover, stay tuned.

See Crumpler donations and expenditures here: https://illinoissunshine.org/committees/friends-of-tom-crumpler-36263/

Illinois For Progress can be seen from that link too. Responsible Cities PAC can be seen from Illinois For Progress.

7 thoughts on “Ward 9, probably no good choices

  1. About the same choices as the people on top of the WTC when it went down, burn or jump.. BOTH had the same result.. SAD state of affairs when elections come to this..


  2. I live in this district. I have received from Crumpler 5 mailings already-a combination of letters and postcards. I still after all this paper am not sure where he stands on anything . I have not gotten anything yet from Fruin. I did notice that today Sally Pancrazio wrote a letter in the paper supporting Koos. Robert Fazzini had a letter supporting Fruin yesterday. Fruin had a yard sign supporting Fazzini in the last election. Diane, you are right that we no good choice.


  3. Sad. I always liked Jim Fruin – thought he served well on the council. Sad to see he is now in bed with that PAC thing. I guess everyone sells out sooner or later.


  4. A bit off topic, but…
    Has anyone looked at the Bloomington Committee of the Whole meeting agenda for Monday, Feb. 15?
    Nowhere on the agenda is the illustrious mayor mentioned.
    Not that this is unheard of, but after the “emergency dental work” excuse this past Monday, it makes one wonder.

    Liked by 1 person

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